Department Directory

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Namesort descending Title Email
Abigail De Kosnik Associate Professor; Director, Berkeley Center for New Media
Angela Marino Associate Professor
Annie Smart Continuing Lecturer: Scenic & Costume Design
Avy Valladares Graduate Student Services Advisor
Ben Dillon Director of Marketing & Communications
Ben Juodvalkis Head Accompanist
Brandi Wilkins Catanese Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Graduate Division
Cati Kalinoski Graduate Student
Chelsea Gregory Lecturer: Performance Studies
Christopher Herold Continuing Lecturer: Acting, Directing
Crystal Song Graduate Student
Dahlia Nayar Graduate Student
Domenique Lozano Continuing Lecturer: Acting
Emily Fassler Assistant Production Manager
Erik K. Raymond Lee Lecturer: Dance
Eugene Palmer Theater Supervisor
Evan Sakuma Graduate Student
Fernando Martinez Graduate Student
Francis Kofi Akotuah Accompanist
Ian Erickson Accompanist
Iu-Hui Chua Lecturer: Dance
Jaclyn Zhou Graduate Student
James Graham Continuing Lecturer: Dance
Jamila Cobham Production Manager
Jane Boggess Head Costumer
Jean-Paul Gressieux Department Manager
Jennifer Tamayo Graduate Student
Jess Dorrance Graduate Student
Jessica Berman Hirigoyen Lecturer: Acting, Voice & Speech
Joe Goode Professor
Josh Frachiseur Technical Director
Julia Fawcett Associate Professor, Head Graduate Advisor
Juliana Fadil-Luchkiw Graduate Student
Laila Guadalupe Espinoza Graduate Student
Latanya d. Tigner Continuing Lecturer: Dance
Laxmi Kumaran Continuing Lecturer: Stage Management
Leila Mire Graduate Student
Lena Chen Graduate Student
Lisa Wymore Professor; Faculty Advisor, Berkeley Arts+Design
Margo Hall Continuing Lecturer: Acting
Mark Rafael Lecturer: Acting, Public Speaking
Max Abner Graduate Student
Megan Lowe Program Associate
Michael Mansfield Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Lecturer
Michael Socrates Moran Lecturer: Acting, Directing
Miyuki Bierlein Assistant Costumer & Costume Curator
Myriam Cotton Financial Analyst
Nancy Carlin Lecturer: Acting, Public Speaking
Pablo Paredes Graduate Student
Patricia Gomes Graduate Student
Patrick Russell Lecturer: Acting
Peet Cocke Properties Director
Peter Glazer Associate Professor
Philip Agyapong Lecturer: Dance
Philip Kan Gotanda Professor, Department Vice Chair
Ray Oppenheimer Lecturer: Lighting Design
Rebecca Struch Graduate Student
Roshanak Kheshti Associate Professor
Ryan Huber Accompanist
SanSan Kwan Professor, Department Chair
Shannon Jackson Professor
Shannon Steen Associate Professor; Associate Dean for Programs & Planning, College of Letters & Science
Silk Worm Graduate Student
Sima Belmar Continuing Lecturer: Performance Studies
Srijani Ghosh Continuing Lecturer: Performance Studies
Talia Dixon Graduate Student
Tim Kopra Scene Shop Supervisor
Vincente Perez Graduate Student
Wendy Sparks Costume Director
Zihan Loo Graduate Student
Zoë Gopnik-McManus Scenic Artist