Performing Arts Student Groups

With more than 60 performing arts groups on the Berkeley campus—from musical theater to K-Pop, ballet to acapella—there are endless opportunities to get involved outside the classroom.

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Dance & Movement Groups

AFX Dance

The purpose of AFX is to give those without a background in dance an opportunity to experience hip-hop dance. The organization name, [A]spirations, [F]amily, e[X]perience reflects our philosophy as we work to provide beginning and advanced dancers the confidence and support to improve their own abilities while providing a family environment for them to reach new aspirations as dancers.

Argentine Tango Club of Berkeley

The ATCB team brings UC Berkeley students the opportunity to either begin or expand their knowledge of Argentine Tango on all fronts. We host a Decal facilitated by students and guest-taught by professional teachers. In addition, we hold workshops with local professionals, and on and off-campus tango events. Students can also contact us if they simply want to find dance friends to go out dancing with us in the community.

Azaad Dance

Azaad is a Hindi Film dance team is based on dedication, passion and energy, with the primary goal of creating productions that entertain and motivate audiences to connect with the Bollywood culture. By combining Indian classical, folk, fusion, hip hop and modern styles of dance, we hope to bring students together who share a love of dance.

Ballet Company at Berkeley

Ballet Company at Berkeley will be UC Berkeley's first ballet company, committed to excellence in both ballet and the enrichment of the arts community at UC Berkeley, as well as expanding the aesthetic horizons of both dancers and audiences.

Bearettes Drill Team

The Bearettes was created with a goal to serve underrepresented communities, as well as the entire Cal community, as a group of students who demonstrate diversity, inclusion, and empowerment through performance and discipline. We strive to create a space in which students from different backgrounds, communities, and cultures come together and portray Berkeley through a different lens.

Ballet Folklorico Reflejos De Mexico

Ballet Folklorico Reflejos de Mexico, abbreviated as "Reflejos", is a Mexican folklorico dance group that promotes cultural diversity at UC Berkeley and in the greater San Francisco/Bay area. Our hope is to educate the university and the community about the Mexican culture through music, art, and dance. As a performance group, we strive to participate in performances for educational and community organizations.

Cal Ballroom

For over 50 years, the student-run Cal Ballroom has provided ballroom dancers with classes, social dance events, and ballroom competitions at the UC Berkeley campus. The group's events encompass all levels of dancers, from those just beginning to learn the steps to social dancing, all the way up to top DanceSport competitors competing in collegiate and professional competitions across the nation.

CREATE (Teaching Dance/Theater in Grade Schools)

CREATE is a brand-new residency internship program at Cal Corps Public Service Center that gives artists, dancers, actors, filmmakers, and others an opportunity to apply creative skills through public service.

Dance Board of Berkeley Dance Community

Dance Board for Berkeley Dance Community, generally referred to as “Dance Board” or “BDC Board,” serves to conduct trimonthly meetings with all dance group coordinators to insure that BDC runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, as well as making sure BDC not only creates an environment worth dancing in, but also exists in one of the same caliber.

Dance the Bay

Dance the Bay seeks to uplift individuals and community through the medium of dance. Dance the Bay (DtB), formerly known as Everybody Dance Now! Berkeley, strives to make dance accessible for youth by providing dance at preschool and after school programs. We teach all genres of movement, emphasizing dance as an outlet for creativity and self-expression, and a means of learning discipline, cooperation, and confidence. We also perform and teach at senior homes and host community workshops on campus to share dance with everyone.


Danceworx is one of UC Berkeley's oldest student-run performing arts organizations, specializing in Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Tap. Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester and perform in two on-campus shows, a showcase in a theater venue and various events throughout the semester.

Dwinelle Hall Breakers

Dwinelle Hall Breakers is a community comprised of dancers of varying hip-hop styles, coming together in the same practice space to share ideas, collaborate, develop character, and to progress in their respective artistic crafts.With nothing more than each other's company and a stereo, Dwinelle Hall Breakers aims to provide dancers with a welcoming and progressive environment to develop their craft together.

EXP Dance Crew

EXP aims to create an open and vibrant community where dancers of all levels can come together to experiment with their craft, learn from one another, and grow. We wish to instill in our members the confidence to express one's self more freely and meaningfully, whether that be through choreography or freestyle.

Fei Tian Dancers

UC Berkeley's only Chinese dance performing group, Fei Tian Dancers (FTD), strives to cultivate an on-campus atmosphere that welcomes and appreciates the abundant diversity of the Berkeley community. FTD performs at many functions in Berkeley and around the Bay Area, showcasing the multifarious ethnic dances of China.

Korean Performance Group

The "Korean Performance Group", KPG, is a social K-pop dance/performance group founded by Andy Jongwon Kim and JM Lee. It is currently the only permanent dance group that represents K-Pop culture in UC Berkeley. Through performances and dancing, KPG strives to deliver the arts of K-Pop culture to the diverse UC Berkeley community so that more people can learn the Korean Culture.

Lindy On Sproul

Lindy on Sproul is a free outdoor DJ'ed swing event on Saturdays afternoons on the UC Berkeley Campus. No partner and no experience is necessary. The skill level of the dancers vary from beginners (<3 months) to intermediate-advanced (4+ years).

Main Stacks Dance Team

Main Stacks Dance Team aims to promote growth of dancers and choreographers in the Berkeley community through performances, workshops, and competitions.


UC Berkeley's co-ed Indian fusian dance team.

The [M]ovement Dance Team

The [M]ovement is one of UC Berkeley's premiere dance groups. We bring together a diverse group of people, performing different styles of Hip Hop, Swing, and Jazz/Contemporary. Our 100+ members form a large, family-oriented community, all who share a strong passion for dance. Whether you've been dancing for years, or just getting started, [M]ovement welcomes everyone to join our family!


Founded in March 2013, Natya is UC Berkeley's premier Indian classical dance team. We perform locally for cultural events and compete nationally in the collegiate Indian classical dance circuit. We proudly craft and choreograph each of our award-winning pieces ourselves.


Much of the campus population and even the greater Berkeley population recognizes the talent of Nazakat at Berkeley, formerly known as Kathak at Berkeley, a dance team trained in the ancient North Indian classical dance known as Kathak, and invites us to perform and even compete. We are known for our use of contemporary music in addition to classical music to accompany our intricate footwork, complex hand gestures, and significant facial expressions in self-choreographed routines, as well as for our extraordinary level of synchronization owing to our many hours of practice per week.

Pointe of Berkeley

Ballet at Berkeley hopes to provide free beginning ballet technique training for students who are interested in building a strong dance foundation without the cost. We strive to build a welcoming community that highlights our dancers' strengths. Classes are opened to all levels but the focus will be building dancers' strengths and techniques.

Salsa at Cal

Salsa at Cal welcomes dancers of all levels—from no dance experience to seasoned salseros looking for a fun and welcoming environment. We provide free weekly salsa dance lessons, bimonthly social dance parties, performance teams and a beginner & intermediate Decal course for students.


Sorayya is a dance troupe dedicated to the collectivization and expression of dance techniques found throughout the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. We want to bring more awareness to the vast region of the world known as the "Middle East" or "Central Asia" and show the diverse dance and music found in some of the countries within this region. We seek to provide a safe environment for people to explore the world of dance through our performances and workshops.

Thrive Dance Company

Our mission is to not only provide the best in dance and performing arts education to our students, but to also guide them towards realizing their full potential and help them to become amazing, creative, and generous human beings. Our faculty consists of highly trained, inspired artists whose main goals are to nurture and develop aspiring artists' talent by being technically proficient and dynamic instructors. Our staff is helpful, friendly and resourceful and aims to create a well-organized and family friendly environment providing excellent customer service.

Theater & Improv Groups

ARC Repertory Theatre

Asian/American theatre company committed to artistic excellence, diverse storytelling, and underrepresented Asian/American and minority narratives. We focus on inclusivity and intersectionality on the student performing arts scene.

Barestage Productions

Berkeley's longest running student theater organization, Barestage is committed to the development of student creativity through the performing arts. Barestage provides a pre-professional environment for student actors, directors, writers, producers, technicians, and musicians to develop their crafts in the context of a supported student environment.

Bootleg Comedy

Bootleg Sketch Comedy will write, produce, and perform original sketches and comedic content. In addition, we will teach new members to write and perform sketches. As it is practiced at The Second City and the Upright Citizens Brigade, Bootleg Comedy will be a collaborative ensemble of creative, funny students who enjoy writing and performing their own original sketches for a live audience. We will generate sketches on a weekly basis using improv, lesson plans, and our own inspiration to tackle current events and comedic tropes in funny ways. At the end of each semester, we will perform our best sketches for a live audience.

Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans is one of several groups at UC Berkeley specializing in the age-old art of longform improv comedy. Or, in other words, we make stuff up onstage before an audience, and sometimes it's funny too. We have four regular shows a semester, featuring longform improv, sketch comedy, and occasionally more audience participation than a one-word suggestion.

Colors of Theater

A theater organization at UC Berkeley dedicated to providing community and opportunity for people of color.

CREATE (Teaching Dance/Theater in Grade Schools)

CREATE is a brand-new residency internship program at Cal Corps Public Service Center that gives artists, dancers, actors, filmmakers, and others an opportunity to apply creative skills through public service.

The Golden

The Golden aims to provide a safe space for women, gender non-binary and trans people to speak up in their daily lives, and provide them with a sense of community, a space for diversity and inclusivity, and a space to discuss issues that affect them in society. The organization also aims to increase opportunities for these marginalized communities in theatre, an industry otherwise dominated by men, provide opportunities for them to take on leadership roles onstage and in the technical aspects of theatre, and to increase the presence of the arts on Berkeley's campus.

jericho! Improv & Sketch Comedy

jericho! a long form improvisation, sketch comedy, and guerrilla theater group. jericho! is dedicated to bringing laughter to the world and beyond. They regularly perform on the UC Berkeley campus and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Monologues

Our Monologues is a production featuring the real stories of students at UC Berkeley. The show centers the voices of femme, nonbinary, and students of color and their relationships to gender, race, sexuality, and other intersections of their identity. Our mission is to end gender-based violence and promote gender equity on our campus and in our world. All proceeds of the show go to organizations around the Bay Area that align with our values.

Students' Experimental Theatre

UC Berkeley's Students' Experimental Theatre uniquely provides the student body with the opportunity to express underrepresented stories through non conventional theatre and performance. We focus on using student derived work as well as guest artist workshops to create a space for students to explore and express topics that are relevant to the student body, as well as constructive to understanding one another on a more interpersonal level.

TBD Comedy

In the absence of a place to perform, practice, and study the medicine of the heart, true laughter inducing comedy, we have banded together to create one. We plan to reach out into new comedic territory, but as of yet it is TBD (to be determined). However, we have narrowed the list down to: improv (short form and long form), sketch, standup, guerilla, and any other type of comedy that has not been anticipated nor predicated. Our comedy co-operative ultimately aims to supply the public with the general health and welfare that comedy can provide.

Theater for Charity

Theater for Charity is a student organization dedicated to producing theater in order to raise money for charity. The group produces one or two shows every semester, most of which are comprised of one-act comedies. Though the primary goal is to raise money for the world's neediest people, the group also aims to provide students with an opportunity to write, direct, and act on campus.

T.I.n.Y Chinese Theatre Group

T.I.n.Y Chinese Theatre Group (TINY) was established in October, 2014 by a group of students who are passionate about theatre works. Every year we produce two plays, organize acting workshops, and hold theatre related events such as 24-hour Theatre. We also invite guest speakers, including famous Chinese director Meng Jinghui. In addition to the professional stage, lighting design, props, and sound effects, we are also a group of enthusiastic college students who simply want to spread the enjoyment of Chinese culture. Even if you don't want to act, you can still participate and meet new friends!

Music Groups

Artists in Resonance

Artists in Resonance, casually known on campus as AiR!, is the premiere independent co-ed a cappella group based out of the University of California, Berkeley. From our humble beginnings in 1987, We now have fourteen amazing performers, performing every Monday at noon underneath Sather Gate on campus. Our repertoire includes self-arranged pieces, everything from alternative rock and hip-hop to traditional fight songs and Top 40 hits.

Berkeley Chinese A Capella

Cal Community Music

Cal Community Music (CCM), composed of UC Berkeley students and local musicians, holds concerts throughout the year at various retirement homes in Berkeley and surrounding areas. All types of music and skill levels are welcome, solo and ensemble performances are both encouraged.

Cal Jazz Choir

The Cal Jazz Choir, a member of UC Choral Ensembles, is a ten-member group dedicated to exploring the colorings of vocal jazz. CJC draws its repertoire from traditional standards and contemporary compositions alike. Performances sometimes feature the talents of local jazz combos but are generally a cappella and will almost certainly include plentiful scat solos!

Cal Raijin Taiko

To promote cultural expression and musical creativity through the medium of Japanese Taiko drumming. We aim to maintain an established performing group with a full and original repertoire.


DeCadence is a mixed a cappella group with twelve members that performs on Sproul every Wednesday at noon.

Dil Se

Dil Se is UC Berkeley's premier south-Asian acapella group. Our unique music combines the melody-based raagas of Hindi film music with the depth and harmony that drive western music to create a fresh perspective on the tradition of a capella. The group consists of a diverse group of accomplished singers, from years of Hindustani and Carnatic music, to Western Classical and Jazz Choirs. Dil Se has toured across California, and established themselves as one of the best Indian-fusion a capella groups in the state.

Drawn to Scale

Drawn to Scale (casually known as DtS) is a co-ed a cappella group at UC Berkeley. Founded in 2008, the group is now celebrating its 10th anniversary as part of the musical community on campus. DtS boasts an ever expanding student-arranged repertoire spanning from contemporary pop to musical theater to R&B to indie rock. They have appeared at various showcases, local performances across the Bay Area, ICCAs, and, of course, weekly performances every Friday at Noon under Sather Gate. Check them out at or for information regarding auditions, performances, and more!


EGO is UC Berkeley's Traditional Korean Percussion Group. Its mission is to share the joy and beauty of traditional Korean drumming, also known as PungMul. In doing so, we hope to spread awareness of traditional Korean culture in the Bay Area and beyond.

For Christ's Sake

A Christian a Capella group.

Jam Sessions at Berkeley

The purposes of this club are to provide a platform through which students may access alternative genres of music and learn alternative styles of music, to provide mentors to help expose musicians to the aforementioned genres, and to cultivate a culture based upon relaxing and playing music recreationally.

K-Popular at Berkeley

K-Popular is an organization for all Korean pop music fans, enthusiasts, and performers. Our mission is to keep the K-pop community at Berkeley informed of all the latest news, showcase K-pop dance performances, and to coordinate group events like dances, concerts, and K-pop related games.

Mariachi Luz de Oro

Mariachi Luz de Oro de Berkeley is a musical student-run group that performs traditional and modern mariachi music. We aspire to promote musical and cultural diversity by increasing exposure to the Mexican art form of mariachi. We aim to establish and maintain a performing group to inspire the lives of the community and its members.

The Music Connection

The Music Connection, in collaboration with the Berkeley Unified School District, aims to provide free, supplemental music tutoring for young musicians through after-school and in-class tutoring in both individual and group settings. By doing so, we will provide young students with a strong foundation in music, which will help them to develop cooperation and self-confidence.

UC Choral Ensembles

UC Choral Ensembles is comprised of nine groups: BareStage, Noteworthy, Cal Jazz Choir, UC Men's Octet, California Golden Overtones, Perfect Fifth, UC Alumni Chorus, UC Men's Chorale and UC Women's Chorale.

UC Jazz Ensembles

UC Jazz Ensembles is dedicated to the performance, study and promotion of jazz at UC Berkeley. Currently, UC Jazz consists of multiple combos, ranging in size from 3 to 8 musicians, and one big band. The combos are divided into Intermediate and Advanced categories.

Cal Spirit Groups

Cal Cheerleading

The California Cheerleaders perform at football, men's and women's basketball, and volleyball games. They work with the Mic Men to lead stadium wide cheers and increase crowd participation, as well as perform on the sidelines and during halftimes alongside the Cal Dance Team. They also participate in various rallies, and at alumni and community events. Cal Cheerleading hopes to create new traditions, while continuing to carry out the longstanding traditions of the University of California, Berkeley.

Cal Dance Team

The Cal Dance Team is composed of twenty-four women who are committed to upholding the traditions of Cal Spirit at Cal athletic events, alumni events, and various spirit rallies on campus. During the Fall semester, the Dance Team primarily performs song-leading style cheers at all Cal football games and pre-game rallies. Members of the team are also provided with the exciting opportunity to travel to other campuses throughout the Pac-10 and other universities to cheer on Cal fans at televised Cal football games.

UC Berkeley Marching Band

The University of California Marching Band is one of the oldest college marching bands on the West Coast with over 100 years of tradition. Over the years, members of the Cal Band have attended over 150 consecutive Cal football games, with the full band at every home game and the Straw Hat Band travelling to games as far as Wisconsin and Hawaii. The current Cal Band, under the baton of Robert Calonico, boasts a membership of over 200 students, and is one of the few bands in the nation and in the Pac-12 Conference that still marches the traditional and demanding high-step form.

UC Rally Committee

The University of California Rally Committee's members are the "Official Guardians of California Spirit and Traditions." They serve as the "Ambassadors of the University," and as such, are composed of students who loyally dedicate themselves to the University. By accepting the goals and aims of this organization, members dedicate themselves to the furthering of the Spirit of California.

Other Groups


Established in 2001, CalSLAM hosts poetry workshops, open mics, and slam competitions open to the campus and greater Bay Area community. Our mission is to create a safe space for students and community members to explore and share themselves, their experiences and their world through words.


CalTV is UC Berkeley's only student run online television station. We are a passionate group of students dedicated to informing and entertaining the student body about all things Cal.

Cinematic Arts and Production Club

Cinematic Arts and Production Club is the most production-driven film club at UC Berkeley. We focus solely on film production and strive to produce the highest quality movies on campus. CAP Club meets often and regularly throughout each semester to work on movie projects from start to finish. Organization structure is similar to a real film production company, and we welcome a large variety of people who have unique skill sets, such as screenplay writers, cinematographers, video editors, film score composers, actors, marketers, producers, directors, etc.

GiANT Filmmakers

GiANT Filmmakers is UC Berkeley's student film club oriented around both workshops and production. We support young filmmakers by producing short student films, offering workshops on lighting, sound, acting for camera and more, and helping artists explore their creativity through directing, cinematography, and screenwriting. In addition to shorter workshopped pieces, we produce one large ten-minute production each semester which provides members with hands-on set experience. We are passionate about sharing our film production knowledge with the community through workshops designed to prepare members for real on-set experiences, as well as our professional productions that advanced members can apply to work on.