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Costume Director (Full Time/Exempt)

First Application Review Date: 5/31/2024

For Full Consideration: Apply by 6/15/2024

The Costume Director is Head of the Costume Department and is primarily responsible for managing the costume production process for all TDPS productions inclusive of scope, budget, personnel and timeline management; costume construction and/or pulling, altering and purchasing of costumes; supervising costume fittings, hair and make-up approvals, final costume show maintenance, strike and restocking of all costume elements. The Costume Director also supervises two staff members, a full-time Head Costumer and a part-time Costume Curator/Wardrobe Supervisor, plus 4-6 work study students. Additionally, the Costume Director is responsible for training and supervising students completing Costume Labs for Theater 168 (Shop Lab Practice) and Theater 169 (Advanced Shop Lab Practice). 

The Costume Director oversees annual costume shop budgets, shop upgrades, maintenance, equipment and tool purchases and manages expense tracking and reconciliation. In addition, the Costume Director takes an active role in communicating with faculty costume designers and student costume designers with an emphasis on honoring artistic integrity, while managing budget targets and ensuring appropriate design scale or scope, in order to maintain a balanced, safe and healthy work environment for costume shop staff and student workers. 

The Costume Director has primary responsibility for the costume shop and related shops (30,000+ piece costume collection storage facility, historical collection, costume library, costume design studio, make-up workroom, dye room, fitting room, dressing rooms, etc.). In coordination with the Production Manager, the Costume Director has responsibility for all costume spaces, collections, and equipment, for maintenance of facilities and equipment, and establishing procedures for operations for all users within the facilities, and for providing a safe and effective learning environment for students.

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