Guest Artists & Scholars

Guest artists and scholars share insights into their current work and research, provide guidance on current industry practices, and connect students with professional opportunities.

In the 2019–2020 academic year, TDPS welcomed nearly 30 guest artists and scholars in our classrooms, studios, and labs. Many of these visits were supported by the Shelly Osborne Guest Artist Fund. We are extremely grateful for this ongoing support that enables us to introduce students to a wide variety of professionals in performing arts and performance studies.

If you are interested in supporting guest artists and scholars, please contact Jean-Paul Gressieux, Department Manager:

Guests for 2019–2020 

Tait Adams, Stage Manager

Ana Arada, Illustrator

Philip Agyapong, Afro-Pop Dance Instructor

José Francisco Barroso, Afro-Cuban Dance Instructor

Gerald Casel, Choreographer & Dance Researcher

Dustin Chinn, Playwright

Jiwon Chung, Artistic Director of Kairos Theater Ensemble

Culture Clash, Chicano Theater Group

Max Duykers, Composer

Sedef Ecer, Playwright

Melecio Estrella, Co-founder & Director of Fog Beast

Rick Gomez, Voice Actor

Karen Grassle, Actor

Miguel Gutierrez, Choreographer & Performer

Diane Ferlatte, Storyteller

Juniper Harrower, Ecologist & Artist

Leigh Henderson, Managing Director of Teatro Visión

Lenora Lee, Choreographer & Artistic Director

James McGregor, Stage Manager

Sean Metzger, Professor of Theater, Film, and Television at UCLA

Stephen Meyerink, Translator & Editor

Deirdre Mountain, Stage Manager

Heidi Quante, Interdisciplinary Artist

Brynn Shiovitz, Dance & Theater Scholar

Charles Slender White, Artistic Director of FACT/SF

Morgan Steele, Company Manager for Berkeley Rep

Eric Ting, Artistic Director of California Shakespeare Theater

Meyby Ugueto-Ponce, Dancer & Afrovenezuelan Scholar

Maggie Whitaker, Costume Designer

Miguel Gutierrez, choreographer, composer, performer
Image credit: 
Ian Douglas
Rosangela Silvestre, Afro-Brazilian Dance Teacher