Guest Artists & Scholars

TDPS faculty regularly invite professional artists and scholars into our classes to share insights about their current work and research, provide guidance on current industry practices, and connect students with professional opportunities.

In the 2020–2021 academic year, we welcomed nearly 40 guests. (See below for a full list of guests.) Many of these visits were supported by the Shelly Osborne Guest Artist Fund. We are grateful for this ongoing support that enables us to introduce students to a wide variety of professionals in performing arts and performance studies.

Guest Artists & Scholars

Guests for 2020–2021

Adam Larsen, Media Designer

Alexander V. Nichols, Lighting, Scenic, and Video Designer

Alexandra Harlig, Dance and Media Scholar

Anna Oliver, Costume Designer

Caitlin Kagawa, Costume Designer

Chris Evans, Choreographer

Chris Grobe, English and Theater Scholar

Clarkeisha Kent, Cultural Critic

David Coulter, Composer and Multidisciplinary Artist

David Stewart, Stage Manager

Du Yun, Composer

Elysse Green, Writer and Director

Eugenia Park, Embodied Self-Care Practitioner

Gabriel Christian, Choreographer

Greer Mendy, Dance Scholar

Hana S. Kim, Projection and Scenic Designer

Hannah Haas, English and Creative Writing Scholar

Helena Uambembe, Performance Artist

Jean-Paul Jones, Multidisciplinary Performer

Jeffrey Lo, Playwright and Director

Jim French, Lighting Designer

Kayhan Irani, Writer and Performer

Kenly Brown, African American Studies Scholar

Leigh Henderson, Managing Director

Maggie Whitaker, Scenic Designer

Maya Herbsman, Intimacy Director

Mike Lew, Playwright

Moncell Durden, Dance Educator

Naomi Macalalad Bragin, Performance Scholar

Narda E. Alcorn, Stage Management Educator

Randee Paufve, Choreographer

Randy Wong-Westbrooke, Scenic Designer

Raven Chacon, Librettist

Rulan Tangen, Choreographer

Silvia Ferreira, Literary Scholar

Stephen Meyerink, Translator and Video Game Writer

Tommy Pico, Poet

Torange Yeghiazarian, Theater Director

Toya Lillard, Theater Director