Ian Erickson


Ian Erickson is a composer and performer currently living in Berkeley, California. He is a graduate of Missouri State University with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Music Composition and Jazz Studies with an emphasis in Drum Set Performance. He also attended the Port Townsend School of Woodworking, where he completed their 12-week intensive Foundations of Woodworking course.

Many of his works aim to explore polyphonic textures through the use of complex rhythms and dense harmonies. As a composer he has worked with PARMA Recordings and the Sirius Quartet on a compilation project of string quartets, and his music was selected to be apart of the 2020 International New Music Festival organized by the University of Florida’s New Music Consortium.

Ian is actively composing new works and working as a freelance performer, currently accompanying dance classes in the Bay Area. Along with writing and performing, Ian has spent time working on, developing, experimenting with, and building his own instruments for use in his compositions.