Directory & Office Hours

Office hours will take place online or by phone through Fall 2020. To make an appointment, contact instructors and staff by email or use the scheduling links below.

NameTitle / FieldsEmail AddressOffice Hours for Fall 2020
Abner, Max Graduate Student
Baker, Miyuki Graduate Student

Tuesday, 10am–12pm

Schedule an appointment with Miyuki Baker

Ball, Nina Lecturer
Design for Performance
Bartlett, Glynn Scenic Artist
Belmar, Sima

Dance Studies
Performance Studies
College Writing Schedule an appointment via bCourses
Berman Hirigoyen, Jessica

Voice & Speech

Wednesday, 2:15–3:15pm

Email to schedule an appointment

Bierlein, Miyuki

Assistant Costumer & Costume Curator

Boggess, Jane Head Costumer
Carpenter, Jack Continuing Lecturer
Lighting Design
Catanese, Brandi Wilkins Associate Professor

Performance Studies
African-American Studies

Tuesday, 9:30–11am

Schedule an appointment with Prof. Catanese

Cobham, Jamila Production Manager
Cocke, Peet Properties Director
Conley, Miyoko Graduate Student
Cotton, Myriam Financial Analyst
Daley, Lashon Graduate Student

Thursday, 10–11am and 11:15am–12:15pm; Friday, 11am–12pm

Schedule an appointment with Lashon Daley

Davidson, Robin Graduate Student Services Advisor
De Kosnik, Abigail Associate Professor

Performance and Technology
New Media

Del Río, Bélgica L. Graduate Student

Dillon, Ben Director of Marketing and Communications

Dorrance, Jess Graduate Student

Evans, Randi Graduate Student

Tuesday, 9:30–11:00am

Schedule an appointment with Randi Evans

Fadil-Luchkiw, Juliana Graduate Student
Fassler, Emily Assistant Production Manager
Faulkner, Katie Continuing Lecturer
Fawcett, Julia Associate Professor

Performance Histories
Frachiseur, Josh
Technical Director
Ghosh, Srijani Lecturer
Reading and Composition
Glazer, Peter Associate Professor

Performance Studies
Gomes, Patricia Graduate Student

By appointment: Tuesday, 12:30–1:45pm

Drop-ins via class Zoom link: Thursday, 11am–12:30pm

Schedule an appointment with Patricia Gomes

Goode, Joe Department Chair

Performance Workshop
Interdisciplinary Performance Email to schedule an appointment
Gotanda, Philip Kan Department Vice Chair


Tuesday/Thursday, 3:30–5:30pm

Email to schedule an appointment

Graham, James Lecturer
Gregory, Chelsea Lecturer
Performance Studies
Gressieux, Jean-Paul Department Manager
Griffith, Mark Professor of the Graduate School
Classical Greek Drama and Performance
Hall, Margo Lecturer
Havard, Julia Graduate Student
Herold, Christopher Continuing Lecturer
Directing Schedule an appointment by email
Huber, Ryan Accompanist 
Jackson, Shannon

Associate Vice Chancellor for the Arts + Design

Cyrus and Michelle Hadidi Chair in the Humanities

Professor of Rhetoric and Performance Studies

Schedule an appointment with Prof. Jackson

Jamison, Matthew

Graduate Student
Johnson, Jenefer

Senior Lecturer Emerita
Dance Studies
Juodvalkis, Ben

Head Accompanist
Kumaran, Laxmi

Continuing Lecturer
Stage Management Schedule an appointment by email or send a message through bCourses
Kwan, SanSan Associate Professor
Head Graduate Advisor
Performance Studies

Monday, 1–3pm

Schedule an appointment with Prof. Kwan

Loo, Zihan Graduate Student
Lowe, Megan Office Manager
Lozano, Domenique Lecturer
Intermediate Acting
Luna, Caleb Graduate Student
Mansfield, Michael Undergraduate Advisor

Monday–Friday, 1–4pm

Marino, Angela

Associate Professor
Theater and Performance Studies
Latin/x American Studies

Tuesday/Wednesday, 10–11am

Schedule an appointment with Prof. Marino

Modirzadeh, Leyla

Public Speaking
Moran, Michael Socrates

Nagler, Christian

Graduate Student
Nambiar, Aparna

Graduate Student

Thursday, 1–2pm; Friday, 11am–12pm

Schedule an appointment with Aparna Nambiar

Nayar, Dahlia

Graduate Student
Ogle, Lyndsey

Graduate Student
Palmer, Eugene

Theater Supervisor
Perez, Vincente

Graduate Student
Russell, Patrick


Tuesday/Thursday, 11am–1pm, and by appointment

Email to schedule an appointment

Smart, Annie

Set and Costume Design

Tuesday/Thursday, 9am–12pm, and by appointment

Email to schedule an appointment

Song, Crystal

Graduate Student
Sparks, Wendy

Costume Director
Steen, Shannon

Associate Professor
American Studies
Race Theory
Performance Studies
Struch, Rebecca

Graduate Student

Wednesday, 1–2pm, and by appointment

Schedule an appointment with Rebecca Struch

Tamayo, Jennifer (JT)

Graduate Student
Tigner, Latanya d.

Weddle, Christopher

Master Carpenter

Wymore, Lisa

Modern Dance Technique
Zhou, Jaclyn

Graduate Student