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Background image: Lecturer Margo Hall | Summer 2017
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Pictured: Acting Lecturer Margo Hall

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Choreographer Cherie Hill (B.A. 2006)

Podcast | A conversation with Cherie Hill, choreographer and educator

Lashon Daley (Performance Studies Ph.D. Candidate) speaks with Cherie Hill about her time as a TDPS student and her work as a Bay Area choreographer and educator.

A scene from “The Mandalorian,” featuring the now-viral and as-yet unnamed character dubbed Baby Yoda. (AP)

Prof. Abigail De Kosnik in The Washington Post: The Baby Yoda GIF takedown shows us how media corporations misunderstand fans

"Capitalism works on media time, rendering commodities obsolete quickly so that it can constantly entice consumers to buy new ones. But human culture — the way that people engage with the world, including with art and music and film and television and books and games — operates on fan time."

Drew Woodson, TDPS Major, 2019

Podcast | In his play, student asks: What does it mean to be a Native artist today?

“The original idea for this play came out of this frustration I was having as an actor of not being able to find monologues that really fit and felt true to who I am as a Native person,” says Woodson. “I knew I had to write this story, to get it down on paper — not only for myself as an actor, but for other Native actors who maybe felt the same way as me.”