Undergraduate Advising

Academic Advising

Michael Mansfield is the Undergraduate Academic Advisor for the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies. Current or prospective students may contact him regarding major and minor requirements, declaring a major or minor, advanced study opportunities (capstone experiences), or any other concerns related to TDPS undergraduate courses.

Michael’s professional theater and dance background includes more than 40 years of studying, performing, teaching, writing, choreographing, and directing. He is interested in the intersection point where theater, ritual, and education meet.

Contact Michael: tdpsugadvisor@berkeley.edu

Peer Advising

Peer Advisors are TDPS majors who are familiar with the department, actively use student advising, take advantage of the opportunities and courses offered here, and are able to talk about their TDPS experience with current or prospective students.

Peer Advisors assist with orientations for new students and events such as Calapalooza, Cal Day, and Commencement. They are also "on-call" advisors available to email, video chat, or talk on the phone with an incoming or prospective student. Learn about current Peer Advisors below.

Sofie Herbeck

Majors: Computer Science / Theater & Performance Studies

I've loved theatre for years, because I believe deeply in the power of telling stories to foster connection through our shared humanity. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this department, and so grateful for the opportunities it gives me to pursue theatre in collaboration with other artists in a time when art feels more necessary than ever in making sense of the chaos around us. Acting is my focus, and I've now completed the acting course sequence—feel free to reach out if you're interested in performing! I'm also a double major, which has taken some figuring-out in terms of life balance, so I'm happy to share advice on that as well.

Email: sofieherbeck@berkeley.edu

Mikee Loria

Majors: Film Studies / Theater & Performance Studies

Before coming to Berkeley, I thought theater was just a hobby. But, after I took Fundamentals of Acting, I realized that theater was something I could dedicate my life to. I have a deep passion for telling stories and connecting with other artists. Outside of TDPS, I'm involved with Barestage Productions, Bindlestiff Studios, Kollaboration SF, DKAP, and a founding member of ARC Repertory Theatre. If you ever need a heart-to-heart or someone to talk to about majors, minors, or theater life in general, feel free to reach out to me!

Email: michaeleloria@berkeley.edu

Swetha Prabakaran

Majors: Computer Science / Dance & Performance Studies

Outside of TDPS, I'm part of Cal Performances' Student Ambassador for the Arts and teach for the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. Feel free to ask me any and all questions you may have about navigating Cal, TDPS, or juggling multiple interests at once. I have scholastic and professional experience in dance of many varieties, from classical Indian to musical theatre, and am always happy to chat about anything on your mind!

Email: swethapraba@berkeley.edu

Anna Sharpe

Majors: Dance & Performance Studies / Theater & Performance Studies

I transferred to Cal as an Art History major but felt the constant pull of performance after taking the acting courses that the department offered, until I finally decided to make the switch official. I have gotten such great direction and advice from TDPS mentors and advisors when I felt lost or conflicted. From personal experience as an actor of color, I would like to make any incoming student who is curious or at a crossroads feel as welcomed as I was, because there is room for everyone at the table. I am more than happy to listen to anyone who wants to vent, to answer advising questions, and to help anyone find their tribe here in the department.

Email: amsharpe@berkeley.edu

Khoi Vo

Majors: Media Studies / Theater & Performance Studies

Through the hardships that I have experienced as a Vietnamese immigrant and an English learner, I have developed a passion for helping underrepresented communities navigate resources, and spreading cultural awareness through theatrical productions and/or events. I am also a Peer Mentor at UC Berkeley Extension-International Programs, an Ambassador of the student-led Vietnamese Student Association, Culture Show, and the Director of Logistics of Salsa at Cal. If I'm not doing any of these, you'll probably catch me suffering or thriving in Moffitt or Eshleman!

Email: khoinv97@berkeley.edu

Arthur Weiss

Majors: Economics / Theater & Performance Studies

Originally from Brazil, I came to Berkeley with one dream: double major in economics and theater. When I first got here I was extremely confused. It was only when I asked people for help that the answers to my questions became clear. Slowly, I started to learn how to navigate this department and the university. After some time, friends realized I was doing something different and some of them even asked for help to figure out their own plans. That's when I noticed that the way I approached college could help other people. Instead of being a hard task, advising is a natural part of my life that I love. So please feel free to shoot me an email and I'll gladly help with anything you need.

Email: arthurweiss@berkeley.edu

Kellyann Ye

Majors: Computer Science / Theater & Performance Studies

I showed up at Cal convinced I was pre-med, then worked on my first show and... changed my mind. Since then, I've helped stage manage a few department productions, and dabbled in some other technical stuff — sound engineering for local theaters, hanging lights and spot-opping, building and designing sets. It's been tricky, of course. Before I was a peer advisor, I went to the peer advisors. So if you're looking for advice on finding technical work, making theater skills relevant to other fields, establishing a school/life balance, or figuring out what you want to do, I know that feeling. Just send me a shout over email!

Email: kellyann_ye@berkeley.edu