Philip Agyapong

Lecturer: Dance

Philip Agyapong is a dance teacher and researcher from Ghana who currently lives in California. At the University of Ghana, he earned his dance education by studying African dance forms from the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the Ga-Adangbe, Ewe, Fon, Akan, and Dagomba in West Africa. Philip earned his first dance faculty position in 2014 at the University of Ghana, where taught for a few years before relocating to California. He currently teaches African traditional dance forms (both theory and practice), African popular dance, and contemporary African dance in tertiary institutions across the Bay Area. Philip’s knowledge in dance, choreography, and performance can further be attributed to his practice with dance companies such as Diamano Coura West African Dance Company, Yameci Dance Company, African Music and Dance Ensemble, and Afro-Urban Society. He is also the founder of African Live Art, an online educational platform that connects instructors of African knowledge in art forms, history, architecture, technology, culture, and tradition to educational intuitions across the world.