Undergraduate Admissions

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UC Berkeley Admissions

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions manages applications and admissions for UC Berkeley. Please review application instructions on the admissions website. Typically, applications open in August and are due in November for admission in the following academic year.

Declaring a TDPS Major or Minor

Once you are admitted to UC Berkeley, you do not have to complete an additional application process to pursue a major or minor in Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies.

Follow these steps to declare:

  1. Review the requirements for the major or minor in Dance and Performance Studies or Theater and Performance Studies.
  2. Before declaring a minor, enroll in at least one TDPS course. Before declaring a major, complete two required lower-division courses (one practice course and one performance studies course).
  3. Schedule an appointment with our undergraduate advisor when you are ready to declare: Laxmi Kumaran, laxmik@berkeley.edu

Although an audition or interview is not required to declare a major or minor, there are requirements for enrollment in certain courses. Please see our class audition information.

Visit Campus or Speak with an Advisor