Julia Fawcett

Associate Professor, Head Graduate Advisor

Julia Fawcett’s first book, Spectacular Disappearances: Celebrity and Privacy, 1696-1801 (University of Michigan Press, 2016) examines the performance and literary strategies that England’s first celebrities used to protect their private lives despite always being in the public eye–and how their strategies might help us to navigate a world in which social media has eroded the distinctions between private lives and public events. She is at work on a second book, tentatively titled Unmapping London: Performance and Urbanization after the Great Fire, which uses performance records as well as medical treatises, conduct books, dancing manuals, and legal records to explore how ideas of personal space changed in London in the wake of the Great Fire of 1666, with the professionalization of architecture and urban planning, and amid an influx of immigration. Fawcett has served as a dramaturg in New York and as a scholar-in-residence at Harbourfront World Stage in Toronto; her essays have appeared in PMLA, The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, and Modern Drama.

Education: Ph.D. in English Literature, Yale University

Research interests: 

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theater and Performance
Performance Historiography
Intersections Between Literature and Performance
Autobiographical Performance
Urban Space
Disability Studies