Undergraduate Programs

The Department offers two sets of majors and minors: one in Theater and one in Dance. Both programs provide students with a foundation in Performance Studies and the opportunity to define a focus area in their upper-division elective courses before pursuing advanced study opportunities.

Jeremy Brooks in "Spilt Milk" (2018) | Photo by Natalia Perez

Dance & Performance Studies (B.A. or minor)

The dance training and academic courses offered by our department are rigorous and geared toward the student who is interested in learning about dance and performance from multiple perspectives. As either a major or minor in Dance and Performance Studies, you will study with faculty known nationally and internationally for their scholarly research and creative work.

2019 production of "The House of the Spirits"

Theater & Performance Studies (B.A. or minor)

The practical focus of the major is to create theater of all kinds using all its art forms. Whether new to theater or seasoned with years of training and skill, all students receive an education that engages them fully. Your focus may be on acting, technical theater and design, performance studies, or some combination of these.

Undergraduate Guides