Affiliated Working Groups

Color of New Media

This working group will seek to add new voices, and new lenses, to the new media studies "conversation," in order to diversify and broaden the scope of that conversation. The overarching goals of this group will be: to share resources on issues of race/ethnicity/nation and new media, to foster the creation of new scholarship on these issues, and to nurture fellowship and social networking among scholars, particularly scholars of color, working in the field of new media studies.

Group Coordinator: Abigail De Kosnik

Dance Studies

The Dance Studies working group consists of diverse communities working in the field of dance, including practicing artists, dance writers, critics, theorists, and Bay Area community members. The group is currently committed to the study of dance from a range of disciplinary perspectives. The group meets twice a month: once for a performance or studio class, once for theoretical discussion. Themes include: engaging technology, dance discourse, somatic practice, mapping, memory, archiving, citing, documenting, and perception.

Disability and Sexuality Studies

The Disability and Sexuality Studies working group provides a space for inquiry into both disability scholarship and activism. Through connecting readings with current events, screenings, performances, etc., the group explores the intersections of queer theory and disability studies.

Performance and Literary Studies

The Performance and Literary Studies Working Group examines the myriad intersections between thestudy of drama as a literary form and the study of performance. Additionally, this working group works with local theatres to enhance knowledge of performance practice.

Group Coordinator: Julia Fawcett