Avy Valladares


(510) 664-7613
15 Dwinelle Hall
Graduate Student Services Advisor

Dr. Avy Valladares (a.k.a. "Avy," a.k.a "Aviccus," a.k.a "El Profe," a.k.a "Hey You!"), is the Graduate Student Service Advisor for the Ph.D. program offered by the Graduate Group in Performance Studies. He received his Ph.D. in Italian Studies with a Designated Emphasis in Film and Media from the University of California Berkeley in 2015. He holds an M.A. from the University of Pittsburgh, a B.A. from UCLA, and a lot of B.S. from just being alive on this planet.

He is currently an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at Berkeley City College. He enjoys teaching immensely: he has equated it with performing a “One Man Show.” He believes in the power of education for opening minds, if not necessarily careers. Although it does help. 

As a brand new GSAO at Cal, Avy plans to be a valuable resource for the graduate students in the Performance Studies Ph.D. program, and a good colleague to the amazing people at TDPS. If you have a question about our doctoral program, he'll be the person to talk to, so send him an email or drop by his office. He looks forward to talking to you. 

Lastly, Avy loves SF books and movies, craft beers and wine, Orcas, and believes in dragons. He also believes that naps are essential to a good life.