Laila Espinoza

Graduate Student

LAILA ESPINOZA: B.F.A. in Community Arts, Individualized Minor, California College of the Arts. Laila is a visual and performance artist, writer and scholar maker of ceremony, ritual and altars. Her work explores the spiritual and somatic permeability between private and public spaces, the home and the streets, the physical and the ephemeral. Her research focuses on how the memory of the body, as the carrier of ancestral knowledge, information and lived experiences can be activated through performance. In her most recent research, she examines transgenerational ghosting and other effects of colonial, post-colonial and capitalistic systems and how these social phenomena shape our personal sense of identity, expression and belonging to our environments. Laila received the California College of the Arts Travel Award in 2016 for her site specific performance and ritual in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico in which she brings attention to the femicides in Ciudad Juarez.