Diane Chen


Majors: Theater & Performance Studies / Art Practice
Pronouns: they/them
Email: meixichen@berkeley.edu

Trained and having performed as a TV child actor, I've never lived my life far from the theater. When I started my journey at TDPS as a freshman, I was fascinated by the variety of classes offered, from acting, directing, playwriting, dance, stage management, and design, to the historiography, theories, and culture of performance, and many others! I'm confident that there is something for everyone at TDPS, and the inspiring mentors have undeniably helped me see the world in a new and exciting way, as Performance Studies are related to so many aspects of our lives. I am personally interested in acting, public speaking, performance historiography, global performance traditions, as well as the representations of different groups of people in theater, language, and media. You can talk to me if there is anything I can help you with, and you can talk to me in Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, and (some) Japanese, other than English!