Mark Rafael


Summer Bridge, Public Speaking

Mark Rafael has been acting professionally for over 30 years. Bay Area appearances include “Ted Kaczinski Killed People with Bombs”, “Schrodinger’s Girlfriend”, and Joe Goode’s “Body Familiar” for the Magic Theatre, and “The Best of Playgrounds 9 & 11”, “ReOrient Festival”, and the Bay Area Playwrights’ Festival. He has also appeared regionally at Yale Repertory, American Stage, Wisdom Bridge, and Northlight Theatre, among others. Film and Television credits include “Titanic”, “Trauma”, “Chance”, “Star Trek Voyager” and the recent independent film, “Pushing Dead”. He is also on the faculty of The American Conservatory Theater and the University of San Francisco. He is the author of Telling Stories: A Unified Theory of Acting Techniques, published by Smith and Krauss. He received a BA in Theatre from Brown University and an MFA in Acting from Yale University.