Bélgica L. del Río


B.A. in Dance and English, University of California, Riverside

Bélgica's current research blends dance studies, Indigenous studies, and new media to witness how Indigenous performativities (such as dancing, singing, sewing, or coding) attend to relationships within and across human and more-than-human bodies. At large Bélgica considers settler colonialism's embodied implications, Indigenous bodies, performance, media, and Indigenous knowledge systems. She writes from the position of a de-Indigenized person whose family comes—to the best of her current knowledge—La Cienega de Chapala, Pajacuarán, and Jiquilpan in Michoacán and Tizapan, Jalisco, amongst other lands and skies. Thanks to her family and many teachers, she dances, sings, writes, and sews. Bélgica earned a B.A. cum laude in Dance and English from UC Riverside on Pechappa, the territory of the Cahuilla People. She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Performance Studies with a Designated Emphasis in New Media at UC Berkeley on Xučyun, the territory of the Ohlone People.