Nica Poznanovich


Major: Dance & Performance Studies / Minor: Ethnic Studies
Pronouns: Queen/Goddess

Dancing has always been one of my love languages, a way I could move through the world with joy and freedom. All human beings were born to speak the language of movement and my work is dedicated to cultivating a connection between the mind and body to develop new ways of sharing the experience of being human beings on this planet. My vision for a dance program designed for all bodies has been deeply honed and actualized during my time at Berkeley, fueling my passion and drive to create a revolutionary and decolonized dance philosophy. I believe all art has this potential, the potential to connect the physical body and the ephemeral mind to make meaning about the world. I can't wait to see what drives each of you to create, express, and make meaning out of the world around you. I offer my unrelenting support to anyone traveling and creating along this path we share.