Laney Cardiel-Stevens


Majors: Dance & Performance Studies / Film & Media Studies
Pronouns: she/her

I found my love for dance when I was in community college, working full time, and contemplating transferring. After realizing I could make a career out of something I found so much joy and passion for, I applied to Cal on a whim and got in! Being surrounded by people who find love in investigating their joy and having the opportunity to research myself and what drives me has been the greatest experience. Cal offers room for students to explore beyond their interests, and create a world of endless possibilities in that field. Transferring during the pandemic was difficult in the sense that I wasn't able to experience most of my time here on the beautiful campus full of nature, but the unique bond everyone in my TDPS classes created through Zoom, and the excitement of being able to finally meet everyone in person has been the best part of it all. My interests at Cal are integrating my two majors of Dance & Film and further explore the already existing connection found in somatic dance. My emphasis is performance in relation to gender violence, while also delving deeper into new ways of accessing communication between mind and body through practices of improvisation and creating choreography. I strongly believe that our minds and bodies are connected beyond daily activities and communication.