15 Dwinelle Hall (Main Office)

15 Dwinelle Hall, Main TDPS Office

15 Dwinelle Hall houses TDPS administrative staff, academic advisors, and senate faculty offices. Dwinelle Hall is located on south-central campus, adjacent to the Valley Life Sciences Building, California Hall, and Durant Hall. 15 Dwinelle is on Level C of the building's southern classroom wing.

Durham Studio Theater Entrance (No Elevator Available)

  • Enter at Durham Studio Theater from the parking circle on the building's west side. The parking circle is accessed from Frank Slessinger Way.
  • Proceed up one floor, through the orange double doors, and down the hallway to the right.
  • 15 Dwinelle will be directly ahead of you at the end of the hall.

Accessible Entrance

  • Enter the main entrance to Dwinelle Hall via the ramp from Dwinelle Plaza, on the east side of the building and adjacent to Durant and Wheeler Halls. Upon entering, you will be on Level D.
  • Proceed to the elevator to your right (toward the north end of the foyer).
  • Take the elevator down one floor to Level C. Upon exiting the elevator, proceed to your right. 15 Dwinelle is at the end of the cooridor.


Detailed information, locations and pricing of lots can be found on Parkopedia.

Suggested Parking Lots:

  1. Lower Sproul Lot (formerly MLK Student Union Garage)
    Bancroft Way near Telegraph Avenue, under Zellerbach Hall
  2. Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) Garage
    Bancroft Way at Ellsworth Avenue
  3. Bancroft/Fulton Lot
    Bancroft Way between Ellsworth Avenue and Fulton Street
  4. Dana/Durant Lot
    Dana Street near Bancroft Way, across from Zellerbach Hall
  5. Telegraph-Channing Garage
    Entrances on Durant Avenue and Channing Street, between Telegraph Avenue and Dana Street
  6. Bancroft Structure
    Bancroft Way between College Avenue and Bowditch Street