Production Staff

Ben Juodvalkis

Head Accompanist

Ben Juodvalkis composes original music for dance, film, theater, corporate events, and museum installations. He has created scores for over 50 organizations and has had his music performed on four continents. Ben works from his studio in San Francisco as well as on location with his mobile custom built electronic instruments. Visit Ben's website.

Tim Kopra

Scene Shop Supervisor

Tim Kopra comes from a fine art background making sculptural installations, public art, and interactive spaces for events. He has fabricated throughout California for various artists and institutions, notably MoreLab, Cathartic Productions, and Gordon Huether Studios. He has taught fine art, technical fabrication, and combinations of both with science and environmental studies locally and internationally. He holds a Masters in Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute and maintains an art practice exhibiting work throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad. He currently lives and...

Eugene Palmer

Theater Supervisor

Eugene Palmer began working backstage in the 7th grade over 40 years ago. He was a lighting design major at SUNY Purchase during its second year of inception in 1974 and designed lighting for Death of a Salesman and Twelfth Night as an undergraduate. Moving to Syracuse, New York, he was the resident lighting designer for the Salt City Playhouse and worked with Syracuse Ballet, Cortland Repertory Theater and the Contemporary Theater of Syracuse. Traveling West, doing a bit of street and beach theater, he landed in Berkeley and started working at Zellerbach Auditorium in...

Wendy Sparks

Costume Director

Wendy Sparks has been designing and building costumes in the Bay Area since 1991. She studied under Professor Warren Travis and in that one year designed and built costumes for five shows in TDPS’ three theater spaces. Since then she has designed costumes for 25 shows at TDPS including the recent productions of Sauce For The Goose, Our Town, Dead Boys, Ishi: The Last of the Yahi and The Ruling Class.

Wendy has designed for local dance companies including Diablo Ballet, LevyDance, The Joe Goode Performance Group and has been nominated for 2 Isadora Duncan awards in costume design for...