Wendy Sparks


(510) 642-3820
Costume Director

Wendy Sparks has been designing and building costumes in the Bay Area since 1991. She studied under Professor Warren Travis and in that one year designed and built costumes for five shows in TDPS’ three theater spaces. Since then she has designed costumes for 25 shows at TDPS including the recent productions of Sauce For The Goose, Our Town, Dead Boys, Ishi: The Last of the Yahi and The Ruling Class.

Wendy has designed for local dance companies including Diablo Ballet, LevyDance, The Joe Goode Performance Group and has been nominated for two Isadora Duncan awards in costume design for Diablo Ballet (Bach de Trois, 2000) and Joe Goode Performance Group (The Rambler, 2012).

Wendy has worked as a retail clothing buyer, a clothing producer and a fashion designer for Planet Five Productions. Wendy joined the staff at TDPS in 1997 and has worked as a cutter/draper, curator, craftsperson, and a make-up designer for more than 100 shows here at UC Berkeley.

Wendy became the Costume Director in 2005 and she is happily amazed and inspired by her students who have gone on to become costume technicians and designers in theater and film, and recently, a Tony Award-winning costume designer!