Mark Griffith


7215 Dwinelle Hall
Professor Emeritus, Professor of the Graduate School

Ph.D. in Classics, Cambridge University

Taught courses on Greek Tragedy, Then and Now, and Gender and Performance in Ancient Greece.

Publications: Aristophanes Frogs (Oxford University Press, 2013); The Authenticity of Prometheus Bound (Cambridge University Press, 1977); articles on Greek tragedy and satyr-play; edited Aeschylus: Prometheus Bound (Cambridge University Press) and Sophocles: Antigone (Cambridge University Press); co-edited Cabinet of the Muses: Essays on classical and comparative literature (Scholars Press). Chief editor of international journal Classical Antiquity.  Recipient of UC Berkeley’s Distinguished Teaching Award.

Former Chair of TDPS (formerly the Department of Dramatic Art/Center for Theater Arts); Former Chair of UC Berkeley Classics Department.

Research interests: 

Classical Drama and Performance
Greek and Latin Literature
Ancient Greek Music