SanSan Kwan discusses new book, 'Love Dances'

February 23, 2022

Professor SanSan Kwan discussed her new book, Love Dances, with fellow TDPS faculty member Sima Belmar in a Berkeley Book Chat hosted by the Townsend Center for the Humanities on February 16.

"Love Dances: Loss and Mourning in Intercultural Collaboration (Oxford, 2021) explores global relationality and intercultural collaboration in contemporary dance. SanSan Kwan looks specifically at duets, focusing on 'East/West' pairings. She explores how dance artists from different cultural backgrounds (Asia, the Asian diaspora, Europe, and the United States) and representing a variety of forms and traditions of movement (contemporary dance, hip hop, flamenco, Thai classical dance, kabuki, and butoh) find ways to collaborate." (Townsend Center)

Watch a recording of the discussion below.

SanSan Kwan Book Chat