Madam Ambassador: The unusual trip from Barbados to Berkeley to Brazil (Berkeley News)

July 18, 2019

For Tonika Sealy-Thompson, the road to becoming Barbados’ ambassador to Brazil runs straight through UC Berkeley.

The post had been open since August 2017, and there were hints that Sealy-Thompson was on the short list for the job. Late last year, Mia Amor Mottley, Barbados’ recently elected prime minister and the first woman to hold that position, appointed Sealy-Thompson to the role.

At 42, Sealy-Thompson is Barbados’ youngest-serving woman ambassador and one of the youngest ambassadors to Brazil. She credits her time at Berkeley as being integral to her readiness to take on the high-profile job.

“This place, UC Berkeley, is unique on the planet,” Sealy-Thompson says. “I have been a few places, and Berkeley is unique for what it has to offer, in terms of a social justice education and global consciousness — qualities absolutely essential for a good diplomat.

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