Advising & Leadership


Department Chair: Lisa Wymore

Prof. Lisa Wymore is the current TDPS Department Chair. The Chair is responsible for planning the programs of the department in teaching, research, and public programming and keeping the curriculum under review. In addition, the Chair is responsible for the recruitment, selection and evaluation of both the faculty and staff personnel; making teaching assignments; preparing budgets and administering the financial affairs of the department; and maintaining a climate that is hospitable to creativity, diversity, and innovation.


Department Vice Chair: Shannon Steen

Associate Professor Shannon Steen is the current TDPS Vice Chair. The Vice Chair is responsible for providing leadership in the areas of public programming and production, ensuring these realize our curricular goals and fulfill our departmental mission of critical inquiry, creative expression and public engagement. The Vice Chair also assists the Department Chair in fulfilling a range of department duties.


IMG_6897 RobinGraduate Student Services Advisor: Robin Davidson

Robin Davidson is the Graduate Student Services Advisor for the Ph.D. program, as well as the course scheduler for TDPS. Applicants, current students, and faculty can contact her with inquiries about our doctoral program and TDPS instructors can contact her with questions related to course scheduling. Robin is available Monday-Friday in the mornings from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM.

Email Robin or call at 510-643-4050

UMansfieldndergraduate Advisor: Michael Mansfield

Michael has 30 years of advising experience in colleges, universities, graduate schools, and high schools. See Michael if you:
• Are considering majoring or minoring in the department, changing majors or double majoring
• Are visiting campus, or new to campus, and want to find out about our major and minor programs and department policies
• Are majoring or minoring in Dance and Performance Studies or Theater and Performance Studies, and need advising on any aspect of your academic programming
• Have a question about DeCal Courses, Honors Projects, Internships, Independent Study, Research Opportunities and Experiences, Study Abroad, Careers, and Grad School Programs

• Would like to:

• declare a major
• confirm a minor
• need approval for transfer courses or equivalent courses
• discuss applications and return applications for H195, 196, 197, 198, and 199 courses for final approval
• receive an advisor code each semester once declared a major
• approve course of study each semester, raise semester unit caps
• apply for a double major or a major and a minor
• change or leave major(s)
• approve study abroad curriculum or semesters of study
• approve international student work permissions
• ask general questions
• find out about service opportunities and volunteer programs
• dream and set future goals

• Need to extend your time of study for unexpected reasons
• Need permission for a medical withdrawal from a single course, semester drop of all courses, emergency changes of plans or family emergencies, and handling of all academic transcript changes and corrections
• Need approvals or documentation for incomplete courses
• Would like to discuss DSP (Disability Student Program) concerns, classroom concerns, safety concerns, and medical concerns that arise in the course of the semester; or need assistance in getting to the appropriate next step.

Email Michael or call at 510-643-4050