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Class Auditions

Class auditions for the acting sequence are held the first week of instruction each semester.
If you do not yet have a CalNet ID, please contact the TDPS Main Office.

For detailed information and frequently asked questions, visit the Class Audition Information page.

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Spring 18 Acting Class Rosters

•  Theater 10  •  Theater 109  •  Theater 110B  •  Theater 111  •

Spring 18 Directing Class Roster

Theater 163


Production Labs | Run Crew

Technical Production Assignments | THR 60, 167, 168, 169

Participating in TDPS Productions in a technical capacity generally requires completion of THR 60 Introduction to Technical Theater and Production. Following the introductory course, additional work may be pursued in THR 167, 168 & 169.

Course details and preference submission for THR 167, 168, 169 @
Technical Production <<

Fall Assignments for THR 60, 167, 168, 169 will be posted below by 6PM on Thursday, 23 August. 
You MUST initial by your name to accept your assignment by Noon on Monday, 27 August.
Neglecting to confirm your assignment may result in loss of your position.

>> Fall 2018 Assignments will be posted on 23 August <<

Productions | Auditions

Production auditions take place within the first few weeks of the semester or at the end of the fall semester for certain spring shows. Sign-ups will be posted online here at least two weeks prior to the audition date. Callback and casting results will be posted below following the auditions. In auditioning for a TDPS production, you are agreeing to the Casting Policy and Rights & Responsibilities of Participants.

Fall Production details will be posted before the end of the April. 

 Fall 18 Playhouse Production
     Auditions: Thursday, 23 August 5:30 – 10:30PM
     Call Backs: Friday, 24 August 6:00 – 10:00PM

Fall 18 Combined Auditions – Studio, Workshops and Play Reading Series
     Auditions: Monday, 27 August 5:30 – 10:30PM
     Call Backs: Tuesday, 28 August 5:30 – 10:30PM

Fall Choreography Showcase
     Auditions: Tuesday, 04 September 2:15 – 4:00PM in Bancroft Dance Studio

Berkeley Dance Project 2019
     Auditions: Wednesday, 05 September 6:30 – 9:00PM in Bancroft Dance Studio

Audition sign-up requires CalNet login.
New UC students should contact the TDPS main office or the production office for assistance. 

Rehearsal Space


• Current TDPS course enrollment 
• Use of space only related to TDPS course assignments
• Show respect for TDPS resources and fellow students
• Consume food or beverage OUTSIDE the studios (bottled water, excepted) 
• Leave studios clean and orderly
• Book a maximum of 1 hour per use to ensure fellow students have access
• Abide by all posted Space Use Policies

UC Student groups interested in using spaces in Zellerbach Hall should refer to Student Space Use and should NOT book space using this system.

Rehearsal Studios may be booked in 30 minute increments using bCal.
Calendar links below show available times overlaid with your own calendar.
Rehearsal slots are made available on a rolling basis. If you do not see any blocks indicating REHEARSAL USE, please check again later.

To VIEW calendars, click the room link and log in with your CalNet ID.
To RESERVE, click your preferred slot and then click SAVE.
To relinquish a time, click CANCEL APPOINTMENT from within your own calendar.

Small Studios:  Room 133  •  Room 135  •  Room 413

Large Studios:  Room 7  •  Room 170   (Please check small rooms first for groups of 2 – 5.)

Students currently enrolled in Design Courses may access the design studios for class work.
Please see the stage door guard to access Costume Studio 8 and Production Studio 130 for Lighting.