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Class Auditions

Class auditions for the acting sequence are held the first week of instruction each semester. If you do not yet have a CalNet ID, or are having trouble connecting to the sign-up sheet, please contact the TDPS Main Office.

For detailed information and frequently asked questions, visit the Class Audition Information page.

Spring 17 Acting Class Rosters

Theater 10  •  Theater 109  •  Theater 110B  •  Theater 111

Spring 17 Directing Class Roster

Theater 163 



Production Labs | Run Crew

Technical Production Assignments | THR 60, 167, 168, 169

Participating in TDPS Productions in a technical capacity generally requires completion of THR 60 Introduction to Technical Theater and Production. Following the introductory course, additional work may be pursued in THR 167, 168 & 169.

Course details and preference submission for THR 167, 168, 169 @
Technical Production <<

Fall Assignments for THR 60, 167, 168, 169 will be posted below by 6PM on Friday, 25 August. 
You MUST initial by your name to accept your assignment by Noon on Monday, 28 August.
Neglecting to confirm your assignment may result in loss of your position.

>>Fall 2017 Assignments will be posted 25 August<<

Production Auditions

Production auditions take place within the first few weeks of the semester or at the end of the fall semester for certain spring shows. Sign-ups will be posted online here at least two weeks prior to the audition date. Callback and casting results will be posted below following the auditions. In auditioning for a TDPS production, you are agreeing to the Casting Policy and Rights & Responsibilities of Participants.

Cast List Links Below

Love & PrideStudio Production | Cast List
Written by TDPS student Sy Bocalbos Jordan
Co-directed by Sy Bocalbos Jordan & Lila Mullins
Rehearsals 06 February – 15 March
Performances March 16 – 19 // Room 7 // Zellerbach Hall

LOVE & PRIDE is an innovative new musical about identity and dialogue.  It tells the stories of people who identify at different points along the spectrums of sex, gender and sexuality, and the conflicts that arise within themselves and their relationships, due to those identities.  This play aims to explore these issues intelligently, respectfully, and artfully – through the power of bold politics and moving songs.

Memoria Del Silencio… | Workshop | Cast List
Written by TDPS Student Linda Girón
Rehearsals 30 January – 21 February
Performances February 22, 23 // Z Studio // Zellerbach Hall

MEMORIA DEL SILENCIO EN EL PAÍS DE LA ETERNA PRIMAVERA is an original play that explores the relationship between memory, trauma and how these wounds can leave a mark that flows deeper than blood. Set in the land of eternal spring, in a town where the population of ghosts outnumber the living, nearby villages are disappearing and roses grow larger than cattle; la familia Noguera face the boundaries of love when tested by the realities of life— aging, war and illness.

The Othello Project | Workshop | Cast List
Written by TDPS Student Madison Wackerman
Rehearsals 27 February – 21 March
Performances March 22, 23 // Z Studio // Zellerbach Hall

The Othello Project will be a devised piece consisting of student experiences, references to the text, and character investigation to examine harmful societal tropes in the white patriarchy in Shakespeare’s Othello that persist today. This piece will use personal accounts to contextualize Shakespeare’s “classic” play in Contemporary America and draw parallels to the Black Lives Matter Movement. This project will not be a line-by-line adaptation, but rather a collaborative investigative piece to create a conversation dismantling the idea of a “post-racial” America.

New Play Reading Series | Cast List
February 9, March 8, April 12, May 3
The Contemporary Drama Working Group brings outstanding new and in-progress work by up-and-coming and established playwrights to the UC Berkeley campus. In the New Play Reading Series, new plays are read by an ensemble of TDPS students in the New Play Practicum, followed by a discussion with the playwright.

Polaroid Stories
 | Cast List •

Written by Naomi Iizuka
Directed by Margo Hall
On Stage March 3-12 // The Playhouse @ Zellerbach Hall

Based on real life stories of street kids, and drawing from Ovid’s Metamorphoses myths, Naomi Iizuka’s Polaroid Stories blends poetry and profanity to explore how young people pushed to the edge of society come to understand their lives amid anger, love both lost and found, violence, homelessness, ambition, and addiction.  

Berkeley Dance Project 2017 | • Cast List •

Featuring choreography by Krista DeNio and James Graham
On Stage April 20-29, 2017 // The  Playhouse @ Zellerbach Hall

Berkeley Dance Project 2017, inspired by the theme “Digging Deep,” offers an evening of dance works exploring how we communicate with each other as humans and the deeply intertwined ways these processes are mirrored in our relationships with the non-human world that surrounds us.

BDP 2017 will feature a new piece of ensemble devised dance theater by Krista DeNio. Titled Network, the piece incorporates multi-disciplinary research and experiential investigation into the idea of networks of communications among cells—in bodies, in prisons, and in plants. The piece considers our incredible abilities (plant and human) to survive and thrive, even in tiny spaces and constrained realities.

Continuing these themes of communication and survival, choreographer James Graham explores the concepts of earth, fire, air, and water. Titled For Elements, the piece looks at our human relationships to these elements. Both pieces explore multiple processes of communication: verbal, non-verbal, felt, visual, and sensed, revealing the deep layers of connection we have to each other and our world.  Ultimately “Digging Deep” asks: What sustains us? What destroys us? What makes us feel connected while we are alive?

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Rehearsal Space

Online sign-up for rehearsal space in Zellerbach Hall is intended for students enrolled in TDPS courses for class assignments.
Students must abide by the Space Use Policy to maintain privileges.
Student groups interested in using spaces in Zellerbach Hall should refer to Student Space Use and should not book space using this system.

Rehearsal Studios may be booked in 30 minute increments using bCal.
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Users must:

• Abide by posted studio rules
Book no more than TWO consecutive slots per use (30 min each – total of 1 hour)
• Be respectful of our spaces and your fellow students
• Do not consume food or beverage other than water in the studios
• Leave spaces clean and orderly

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Small Studios:  Room 133  •  Room 135  •  Room 413

Large Studios:  Room 7  •  Room 170   (Please check small rooms first for groups of 2 – 5.)

Please Note: Anyone enrolled in a TDPS class may use Zellerbach Rms 7, 133, 135 and 413.
Z170 is first reserved for students currently enrolled in TDPS Dance Classes. Space is released to general use as available.

Students currently enrolled in Design Courses may access the design studios for class work.
Please see the stage door guard to access Costume Studio 8 and Production Studio 130 for Lighting.