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Class Auditions

Class auditions for the acting sequence are held the first week of instruction each semester.
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Auditions for Fall 2017 semester classes are now closed.

Please check back in December for Spring 2018 auditions!


Fall 17 Acting Class Rosters

Theater 10  •  Theater 109  •  Theater 110A  •  Theater 111

Fall 17 Directing Class Roster

Theater 162



Production Labs | Run Crew

Technical Production Assignments | THR 60, 167, 168, 169

Participating in TDPS Productions in a technical capacity generally requires completion of THR 60 Introduction to Technical Theater and Production. Following the introductory course, additional work may be pursued in THR 167, 168 & 169.

Course details and preference submission for THR 167, 168, 169 @
Technical Production <<

Fall Assignments for THR 60, 167, 168, 169 will be posted below by 6PM on Friday, 25 August. 
You MUST initial by your name to accept your assignment by Noon on Monday, 28 August.
Neglecting to confirm your assignment may result in loss of your position.

>>Spring 2018 Assignments will be posted 1/19 by 6PM<<

Productions | Auditions

Production auditions take place within the first few weeks of the semester or at the end of the fall semester for certain spring shows. Sign-ups will be posted online here at least two weeks prior to the audition date. Callback and casting results will be posted below following the auditions. In auditioning for a TDPS production, you are agreeing to the Casting Policy and Rights & Responsibilities of Participants.


Apply to Direct a short play in Spring 2018 as part of the Studio Production 
All in the Timing | Short Comedies by David Ives

Eligibility criteria has been revised for student applicants wishing to direct for the spring TDPS Studio evening of one acts.

  1. Students who have taken 162 or 163, classes in our directing sequence, or are presently enrolled in 162 are still eligible, as are students who have had some demonstrable directing experience outside of TDPS. Having taken one of our classes is no longer a prerequisite.
  2. In addition, students interested in auditioning for our Spring Playhouse production, The Dream of Kitamura, directed by Philip Gotanda, may apply to direct a play in All in the Timing and still be eligible for casting in Kitamura. If you are selected to direct for the One Acts, and receive a callback for Kitamura, Professors Glazer and Gotanda will work together to determine in which project you will be enrolled.

If you have any questions, contact Peter Glazer at, with the subject line: “One Acts Questions”

Extended application deadline: October 9. Detailed Application Information 
Perusal scripts are available for 48 hour check out in the TDPS Main Office, 15 Dwinelle.

One Act Directing Application


• BDP 2018 Cast List •

• Mechanics of Love & Little Russians Cast List •

• New Play Reading Series Cast List •

•  Metamorphoses Cast List •


Written by Mary Zimmerman, Directed by Christopher Herold

Tales from Ovid come to magical life—in all their playful, passionate, savage, elemental glory—in Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses. In this visually fantastic world where the human and the divine collide, such familiar figures as Poseidon, King Midas and Eurydice share universal stories of love, hope, loss, betrayal and transformation.

CASTING: 5 Women and 5 Men playing multiple roles, with the potential for expanding the cast with up to 4 more performers; actors, dancers, movers, singers, and musicians  from all backgrounds are welcome.

The audition monologue should be no longer than two minutes and can be either contemporary or classical; preferably, the piece has heightened language and/or circumstances.

There is no need to prepare any musical or movement work for the audition.

Rehearsals – Monday, 28 August – Tuesday, 03 October on evenings & weekends
Tech Rehearsals – Wednesday, 04 October – Thursday, 12 October 2017
Performances – Friday, 13 October – Sunday, 22 October – The Playhouse @ Zellerbach Hall

All students cast in Metamorphoses must enroll in THR 181 in Fall 2017. 

STUDIO PRODUCTION: Mechanics of Love
Written by Dipika Guha, Directed by Christine Nicholson

A man who forgets everything falls in love with a ballerina who forgets nothing. Until, that is, she falls in love with him. And his wife. And the mechanic. Characters frolic through life in this pirouette of a play that questions how we love, who we choose, and the cost of making sense of it all.

Casting:  2 men; 2 women     

This play calls for four actors with solid acting skills who have the ability to make strong choices and to figuratively ‘turn on a dime’. They need to play well with others. One role is a ballet dancer; experience/skill preferred. Experience in physical theatre and/or clowning a plus. Callbacks will consist of readings from the script.

Rehearsals: 10 October  – 08 November 2017; evenings & weekends
Tech Rehearsals: 09 – 15 November 2017
Performances: 16 – 19 November 2016 – The Playhouse @ Zellerbach Hall

All students cast in Mechanics of Love must enroll in THR 181 in Fall 2017.

WORKSHOP: Little Russians
A student workshop by Lana Cosic

In 19th century Little Russia, an elderly couple’s peaceful, predictable daily routine begins to unravel, revealing the fantastical dysfunctionality of their world. Inspired by Nikolai Gogol’s “Old World Landowners” and the Greek myth of Baucis and Philemon, this original play examines how long-lasting relationships last and evolve, and the power of simple events to disrupt daily life’s cyclical patterns.

CASTING: Ensemble of 6-9 actors; ethnicity and gender does not affect casting.

Although the actors do not need to have any prior dance training, they should know that there will be many physical exercises in preparation and during the show that may require some basic movement knowledge. (example: one of the leading characters also must be able to play a cat).

Improvisation (particularly physical improv) experience is desired but not required.

Rehearsals: 09 October  – 31 October 2017; Weeknights only
Performances: 01, 01 November 2017 – Zellerbach 170

All students cast in Little Russians must enroll in THR 171 in Fall 2017.

INFORMATION: New Play Reading Series
Directors: Miyoko Conley, Martha Herrera-Lasso, Takeo Rivera & Josh Williams

Join us for our fourth year of showcasing work in development by exciting playwrights, both new and established. Each new play is read by TDPS students, followed by a discussion with the playwright. Presented in partnership with the Townsend Center Contemporary Drama Working Group.

Students auditioning for the New Play Reading Series on night three may use a prepared monologue, though there will also be script sides available for reading at the audition.

CASTING: Company of approximately 12 actors, roughly half women, half men

Meetings/Rehearsals: September 2,11 & 13, October 09 & 11, November 06, 08 & 30, 2016


Wednesday, September 14

    Title to be announced

Wednesday, October 12

    Title to be announced

Wednesday, November 9

    Title to be announced

All students cast in the New Play Reading Series must enroll in THR 98/198 in Fall 2016.
The New Play Reading Series is a Graduate Group Initiative presented by TDPS.

Berkeley Dance Project 2018
Directed by Katie Faulkner; Choreography by Katie Faulkner and James Graham. 

Berkeley Dance Project 2018 features new choreography by Katie Faulkner and James Graham, as well as several TDPS students. James Graham’s collaborative piece explores gender identity, self-understanding, and how we present ourselves in the world, while Katie Faulkner’s multimedia dance work builds imaginative connections between stories of metamorphosis, surreality, and the supernatural. Additional details will be provided at the auditions. 

Graham Rehearsals         11 Sep – 15 Nov: Mon & Wed 6 – 9PM
                                             22 Jan – 06 Feb: Mon & Wed 6 – 9PM

Faulkner  Rehearsals      12 Sep – 16 Nov: Tue & Thu 6 – 9PM 
                                             23 Jan – 6 Feb: Tue & Thu 6 – 9PM

TECH REHEARSALS*   07 – 09 & 12 – 14 Feb: 6 – 11PM

PERFORMANCES           15 – 17 & 22 – 24 Feb: 6 – 11PM,
                                             plus pick-up rehearsal on 21 Feb, 6-10PM

*Dancers should be available for all dates listed.

Students cast in BDP 2018 will be required to enroll in a section of THR 180 for the corresponding number of units associated to the piece(s) in which you are cast, at least one unit each semester, Fall 17 & Spring 18.

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Rehearsal Space

Zellerbach rehearsal studios may be used by students currently enrolled in TDPS courses for completing class assignments ONLY
Space Use Policies must be abided to maintain privileges.

UC Student groups interested in using spaces in Zellerbach Hall should refer to Student Space Use and should NOT book space using this system.

Rehearsal Studios may be booked in 30 minute increments using bCal.
Calendar links below show available times overlaid with your own calendar.

Users must:

• Abide by posted studio rules
Book no more than ONE HOUR per use (not one hour per student in each scene)
• Be respectful of our spaces and your fellow students
• Do not consume food or beverage other than water in the studios
• Leave spaces clean and orderly

To VIEW calendars, click the room link and log in with your CalNet ID.
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To relinquish a time, click CANCEL APPOINTMENT from within your own calendar.

Rehearsal slots are made available on a rolling basis. If you do not see any blocks indicating REHEARSAL USE, please check again later.

Small Studios:  Room 133  •  Room 135  •  Room 413

Large Studios:  Room 7  •  Room 170   (Please check small rooms first for groups of 2 – 5.)

Please Note: Anyone enrolled in a TDPS class may use Zellerbach Rms 7, 133, 135 and 413.
Z170 is first reserved for students currently enrolled in TDPS Dance Classes. Space is released to general use as available.

Students currently enrolled in Design Courses may access the design studios for class work.
Please see the stage door guard to access Costume Studio 8 and Production Studio 130 for Lighting.