Technical Production

Technical Production

Technical Production with TDPS

Students interested in participating in technical production and design with TDPS have multiple course options. Ideally, all students will begin with THR 60: Introduction to Technical Theater & Production (4 units) comprised of two hours of lecture each week and one of two lab options. Although it is possible to enroll in design courses without being a major or minor in TDPS, participation in a technical production capacity will be limited without having taken the introductory course, THR 60.

TDPS Majors and Minors are required to participate in one Technical Shop and one Run Crew. This is achieved by first taking THR 60, followed by either THR 167 Performance Practice OR THR 168 Shop Practice depending upon which half of the requirement was completed during the introductory course. After this two course sequence, additional advanced technical work may be pursued under THR 169 Advanced Technical Theater.

It is imperative that you read and understand the syllabus for your intended course. Please contact the Production Manager with questions.

Confirmation of technical production assignments will be posted at at the end of the first week of instruction. Priority for spaces on the crews and in shops is given to students in THR 60 and THR 175 (Lighting Design).


Preference Submission for 167, 168, 169

Completion of this form will place you onto the enrollment list in the order received. Submission of preferences for a course does not guarantee enrollment. Once assignments are posted, students must confirm online and complete enrollment prior to the posted deadline to avoid forfeiture of assigned position.

Please note: the form below will require CalNet login (use of your mail account).

>> Spring 2019 Preference Form <<


Production Office hours for consultation are Monday through Friday, from 9-12 and 1-4,
though it is strongly suggested that you make an appointment.

THR 60

THR 60 is a lecture course that meets MWF from 12-1 and also has a required lab component explained below. A sample syllabus can be found at the bottom of this page. Students interested in completing THR 60 in a given semester MUST attend the first two classes regardless of enrollment status. It is unlikely for students not on the wait list to be admitted. Missing either of the first two classes makes you ineligible for the course in that semester.

Lab Options for THR 60 are explained in detail during the first class meeting. The following is an excerpt from the lab syllabus providing basic information about the two options.

Lab Requirement OPTION #1 – Run Crew:  

Work backstage on a specific production during technical rehearsals and performances for ONE of the following productions, schedule details in the THR 60 Lab Syllabus

Berkeley Dance Project 2019    11 February – 02 March 2019  OR  Footfalls  •  07 – 17  March 2019 OR
The House of the Spirits  •  16 April – 05  May 2019

Run crew work is in a concentrated period of time beginning just before the opening of a production through the last performance and strike.  Students participating in technical run crew move props and scenery, prepare the theater for performance, sound operation, video control, prepare costumes, assist with make-up and hair, and everything else that happens behind the scenes during a theatrical production.
Accepting an assignment to work on a run crew means that you are committing to being at all scheduled work calls, technical rehearsals, performances, and strikes without exception.

Lab Requirement OPTION #2 – Weekly Lab:  

Work “behind the scenes” on a variety of productions throughout the semester, helping to build, paint and assemble scenery, props or costumes, or to hang lighting, install sound equipment, hang soft goods, move seating, or otherwise configure the theater facilities.  In technical labs, you will also work on shop set-up, stock maintenance, and other general theater-facility maintenance duties.  You will be assigned to a particular lab group that will meet consistently throughout the semester, schedule details on page 3.

Labs take place Monday through Friday from 2PM to 5PM on Mon/Wed, Tue/Thu, or Wed/Fri

Weekly shop labs will begin on 27 August 2019 and end Friday, 30 November 2019.

Please review the schedules and commitments carefully!
Students who have conflicts that will not permit them to fulfill their lab assignment should consult the instructor immediately.  If an acceptable assignment cannot be found then you will be dropped from the course.  Laboratory assignments cannot be deferred.

Sample lecture syllabus from Spring 2017. Dates and content for fall subject to change.

THR 167

Pre-requisites: THR 60 or instructor approval
This course should be taken if you completed the Technical Shop requirement during THR 60.

THR 167 (1 unit) – Performance Practice or “Run Crew” (running shows as light board operator, fly operator, stage hand, sound operator, etc.) is fulfilled through an established schedule of technical rehearsals and performances.  To be eligible for a run crew assignment, without exception, you must be available for ALL scheduled calls for your production as outlined in the “Fall 2019 Production Schedules” below. Space is limited.

Spring 2019 Production Schedules      THR 167 Syllabus


Pre-requisites: THR 60 or instructor approval
This course should be taken if you completed the Run Crew requirement during THR 60.

THR 168 (2 units) – Shop Practice or Technical Labs (building scenery and costumes, hanging lights, etc.) are fulfilled within established lab sessions: MW 2-5, TTH 2-5, or WF 2-5.  Space is limited.

THR 168 Syllabus


Pre-requisites: THR 60 and THR 167 or 168, or instructor approval

THR 169 (1 – 3 units) – Advanced Technical Practice is continuation of work started in THR 167 or 168. With shop supervisor approval, students select one or more 3-hour weekly lab sessions.  Interested students should speak directly with shop supervisors prior to form submission.  Working on Run Crew is also an option for this course. Inquire with the Production Manager. Space is limited.

THR 169 Syllabus – See Instructor