Technical Production, Stage Management, and Design


Changes to Technical Curriculum as of Fall 2019

As enrollment begins for Fall 2019, please become familiar with changes to the structure of five TDPS technical courses that comprise requirements and electives. Total unit requirement for the major has not changed, however some content formerly embedded within courses has been separated, requiring alternate course enrollment to complete.

What does this mean to me?

If you have completed THR 60, plan to take THR 167 or 168 predicated on the lab you completed during THR 60.

If you will be taking THR 60 in the 19/20 academic year, plan to take THR 167 and 168*. You may take one course concurrently with THR 60, or may take the courses in any order following completion of THR 60.

ANYONE planning to enroll in THR 167 or 168 in the fall semester must complete an enrollment form and meet with the Production Manager.

*Dance Majors who have completed THR 60 have met the requirement if adopting the degree plan as of Fall 2018. Dance Majors taking THR 60 as of Fall 2019 must also complete either THR 167 or 168. Please contact Michael Mansfield with specific degree plan questions.


Technical Production Courses

Technical Production with TDPS

Students interested in participating in technical production and design with TDPS have multiple course options. Ideally, all students will begin with THR 60: Introduction to Technical Theater & Production (3 units). Although it is possible to enroll in design courses without being a major or minor in TDPS, participation in a technical production capacity will be limited without having taken the introductory course, THR 60.

In addition to completing THR 60, TDPS Majors are required to participate in Technical Shop and Run Crews. Theater majors must complete both and Dance majors choose one or the other.  THR 167 is for completing Run Crew and  THR 168 is for completing a Technical Shop. THR 167 or 168 are taken following or concurrently with THR 60. Continuing technical work may be pursued under THR 169 Advanced Technical Theater.

THR 60 (3 units) sample syllabus

Introduction to Technical Theater and Production is a foundational lecture course for the department. Beginning in Fall 2019, the course meets Tuesday/Thursday. The course frequently fills to capacity and it is unlikely for students not on the wait list to be admitted. Transfer students may consult with instructors about possibly equivalency from other institutions.

THR 167 (1 unit) syllabus

Pre-requisite/Co-requisite: THR 60 or instructor approval
Performance Practice or “Run Crew” (running shows as wardrobe, fly operator, stage hand, sound or video operator, etc.) is fulfilled through an established schedule of technical rehearsals and performances.  To be eligible for a run crew assignment, without exception, you must be available for ALL scheduled calls for your production as outlined in the schedule posted under the “How to enroll” tab. Space is limited.

THR 168 (1 unit) syllabus

Pre-requisite/Co-requisite: THR 60 or instructor approval
Shop Practice or Technical Labs (working in production areas with scenery, costumes, lighting, etc.) are fulfilled within established lab sessions: Monday/Wednesday 2-5, Tuesday/Thursday 2-5, or Wednesday/Friday 2-5.  Space is limited.

THR 169 (1 – 3 units) see instructor for syllabus

Pre-requisites: THR 60 and THR 167 or 168 along with instructor approval
Advanced Technical Practice is continuation of work started in THR 167 or 168. With shop supervisor approval, students elect to work between 3 and 9 hours per week; schedule established with the pertinent shop lead.  Interested students should speak directly with shop supervisors prior to form submission.  Working on Run Crew is also an option for this course. Inquire with the Production Manager. Space is limited.

Stage Management

More information coming soon…

THR 172.1 (3 units)

Pre-requisites: THR 60 or an approved equivalent for transfer students
Section one of Stage Management examines the role and responsibilities of the Stage Manager within a live theatrical production organization.  This includes exploring and creating methods for documenting, recording and “calling” a production.  The purpose of 172.1 is to provide an understanding of the complex and collaborative process involved in mounting a theatrical production, the relationship of the stage manager to this process, and the basic skills and techniques of a stage manager.  The Fall course culminates in a final project for which all enrolled students participate in the TDPS production of the Fall Choreography Showcase.  Each student will be assigned a backstage role on the production, for the technical rehearsals and performances.  All enrolled students must be available for the entire ‘Fall Choreo’ tech and performance schedule.

THR 172.2 (3 – 6 units)

Pre-requisites: THR 60, THR 172.1 and instructor approval
Section two of Stage Management is an independent study course providing practical, hands-on experience associated with Stage Management. Students interested in registering for TDPS 172.2 must receive pre-approval from the Stage Management Advisor. Admission criteria for this course includes a minimum grade of A for the 172.1 Stage Management lecture course, and demonstrating the ability to apply skills and lessons taught in TDPS 172:1. These skills include:

  • Ability to maintain a mature, responsible, supportive and communicative attitude towards fellow students, staff and faculty.
  • Demonstration of autonomous, positive leadership ability.

  • Demonstrated ability to remain neutral in situations involving rehearsals, tech and performance challenges.

  • Ability to troubleshoot problems as they arise during rehearsals, tech and performances.

  • If assigned the role of Stage Manager, ability to delegate responsibilities/duties to Assistant Stage Managers, including showing them examples of paperwork and providing guidance on their assigned duties.

  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft files, PDFs, Google files and Google Drive

Part of the pre-approval process for 172.2 requires the student to be assigned to a stage management team for a TDPS production. This assignment is made by the Stage Management Advisor if the aforementioned criteria is met. Enrolled students are required to actively participate in the rehearsal, tech and performance process of the assigned production.
The student must be on time and whenever possible, early, to all required calls including all rehearsals, techs and performance calls. The student must also attend all weekly production meetings unless they conflict with a class.


More information coming soon…

THR 173 (3 units) Scenic Design (presently offered only in fall semesters)

Suggested Pre-requisites: THR 60


THR 174 (3 units) Costume Design

Suggested Pre-requisites: THR 60


THR 175A (4 units) Lighting Design – Fall Semester

Suggested Pre-requisite: THR 60


THR 175B (4 units) Lighting Design – Spring Semester

Suggested Pre-requisite: THR 60, THR 175A


THR 177 (4 units) Sound Design

Suggested Pre-requisite: THR 60


THR 176 (variable units) Supervised Lighting Design

Pre-requisite: THR 60 & 175A or B, and consent of instructor


THR 179 (variable units) Supervised Costume or Scenic Design

Pre-requisite: THR 60 & 173 or 174, and consent of instructor 

•How to Enroll•

Run Crew and Shop Labs: THR 167, 168, & 169 Preferences must be submitted in the semester prior to intended enrollment to get onto the course list. Seats may available at the beginning of the semester for those not on the list, though it is not guaranteed. It is imperative that you read and understand the syllabus and schedule for your intended course. Please contact the Production Manager with questions.

Stage Management: THR 172.1 (lecture course) is open for enrollment to all, though THR 60 is a pre-requisite to take the course. THR 172.2 (practical, independent study) requires instructor approval for an assignment. Interested students should meet with the Stage Management Advisor following completion of section one.

Design Courses for Costume, Scenery, Lighting, and Sound: THR 173, 174, 175A/B, 177 are open for enrollment. THR 60 is a suggested pre-requisite and is required to take advanced courses (THR 176, 179) following an initial design course. 

Preference Submission for 167, 168, 169

• Completion of this form will place you onto the enrollment list in the order received.
• Your submission will be confirmed and you may be asked to meet with the Production Manager
• Submission of preferences for a course does not guarantee enrollment. 
• Once assignments are made, students must confirm and enroll prior to the posted deadline to avoid forfeiture of position.

Confirmation of technical production assignments and course numbers will be posted at at the beginning of the second week of instruction. 

Fall 2019 Production Schedules for run crew

Fall 2019 Lab Schedules for shops, in the syllabus

This form requires CalNet login (use of your mail account). 

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Production Office hours for consultation are Monday through Friday, from 9-12 and 1-4,
though it is strongly suggested that you make an appointment.