Message from the Chair

Welcome to our season! Through this year’s public events – including performances, lectures, class showcases and more, you will discover ideas that challenge and inspire, performances that move the heart and provoke the mind, and experiences that touch the soul.

The 2016/17 season, our 75th, explores ways that individuals fight against the odds, against seemingly insurmountable forces and powers greater than themselves, and manage to survive. We delve into stories of conflict, and also of connection – with others, with causes, with the physical world around us. Our fall productions investigate two different facets of war: Heart of Spain follows volunteers heading off to the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s to fight against fascism, while Reentry: The Process of Resilience, a new physical theater work devised by choreographer Joe Goode, features contemporary stories of US military men and women resuming their lives and relationships upon returning to civilian life. This spring, the battle in Polaroid Stories is on city streets, as homeless youth fighting to survive turn to myth, poetry and profanity to find meaning in their lives. Two other spring shows, Love and Pride and Berkeley Dance Project 2017, also feature similar themes of internal struggle, interconnectedness and communication. Join us for a season of exciting work that celebrates humanity’s fighting spirit and probes the depths of our survival instinct, sacrifices and strength.

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                                                            Lisa Wymore