Graduate Alumni

Completed Ph.D. Degrees in Performance Studies

Since inception of the program in 1998

Graduates from the PhD in Performance Studies are hired in a great range of disciplines, from art history and literature to theatre, communications and Asian American studies.

Anderson, Patrick
“So Much Wasted’: Violence Performed In Anorexia Nervosa, Staged Fasts, and Hunger Striking” SP05
UC San Diego, Associate Professor, Communications

Bayraktar, Nilgun
“Moving Images Against the Current: The Aesthetics and Geopolitics of (Im)mobility in Contemporary Europe” FL11
2011 UC Berkeley, R&C Lectureship
2012 Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey, Instructor, Humanities
2014 Assistant Professor, Visual Studies, California College of the Arts

Baron, Michelle
“Queering US Public Mourning Rituals: Funerals, Performance, and the Construction of Normativity” SU11
2011 Oberlin College,Visiting Asst. Professor
2012 Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Assistant Professor, Women’s Studies

Boucai, Marc
“Narrating Normal: Arabs, Queers, Neoliberal Spectatorship” FL13
2014 Theatre Coordinator at AS220, Providence, RI

Boyle, (Michael) Shane
“The Ambivalence of Resistance: West German Antiauthoritarian Performance after the Age of Affluence” FL12
Spring 2013 – Harvard University, Lecturer, College Writing Program
2013 Stanford University, Postdoctoral Lecturer in the Immersion in the Arts: Living in Culture Program
2014 Queen Mary, University of London, School of English and Drama, Lecturer in Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies

Burriss, Catherine
“Performing Theory: Gendered and Erotic Complications in Cinquecento Italian Comedies, and some English Reverberations” FL06
CSU Channel Islands, Associate Professor, Performing Arts

Cappelli, Renu
“Inadmissible Presence: Objecthood, Spectacle, and the Theatricality of Race” FL07
Stanford University, Post-doctoral Scholar, Introduction to the Humanities
2013 UC San Diego, Lecturer, Critical Gender Studies

Case, Gretchen
“Medical Scarring and the Performance of Memory” FL05
Duke University, University Writing Program Fellow
Northwestern University, Adjunct Lecturer, Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program
2011 University of Utah School of Medicine, Assistant Professor, Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities

Casey, Carrie Gaiser
“Ballet’s Feminisms: Genealogy and Gender in Twentieth-Century American Ballet History” FL09
St. Mary’s College of California, Adjunct Professor, Liberal Education for Arts Professionals program

Crow, Heather
“POSSESSIONS: Animated Bodies in Mediated Performance” FL06
Texas Tech University, Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts, Fine Arts Doctoral Program

Davis, Reid
“Sissy Warriors: Perversity, Performance, and the Unruly Child” FL06
St. Mary’s College, Adjunct Professor, Ethnic Studies and Performing Arts

Duffly, Catherine
“From Farm to Table to Stage: Performing Food Politics” FL11
2011 UC Berkeley, Lecturer, R&C Lectureship California College of the Arts
2012 Reed College, Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre

Fisek, Emine
“Incorporating Immigrants: Theatrical Aid Work and the Politics of Witnessing in France” SP10
Johns Hopkins University, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities, Krieger School of Arts and Science, German and Romance Languages and Literatures
2012 Bogazici University, Turkey, Associate Professor, Department of Western Languages and Literature

Fisher, Margaret
“Recovery of Ezra Pound’s Third Opera Collis O Heliconii: The Transmission of History Through Song” SP03
Second Evening Arts Publishing

Gough, Kathleen
“Bleeding Regions: Performance and Politics in the ‘Backwaters’ of the Atlantic” FL05
University of Glasgow, Lecturer, Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies and Advisor of Studies, Arts College Academic and Student Administration
University of Vermont, Theatre Department, Asst Professor of Theatre and resident dramaturge F14-

Hagstrom Stahl, Kristina
“Melancholy Traces: Performing the Work of Mourning” FL06
Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at Lund University, Sweden and also teaches at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Hoffmann, Beth
“Acting without Guarantees: The Politics of Form in Contemporary British Performance” FL08
George Mason University, Assistant Professor, Dept. of English

Johung, Jennifer
“Replacements: From the Primordial Hut to the Digital Network” SP08
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Associate Professor, Department of Art History

Kokontis, Kate
“Performative Returns and the Rememory of History: genealogy and performativity in the American racial state” FL11
2011 New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Academic Studio: Founding Faculty and Assistant Department Chair, Social Studies

Levin, Laura
“Performing World” SP05
York University, Associate Professor, Theatre Studies

Lu, Joyce
“Dreaming in Other Languages: On the Performance of Autobiographical Narrative as Decolonizing Pedagogy” SP07
Pomona College, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Claremont Colleges, Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance

McGonigal, Jane
“This Might be a Game: Ubiquitous Play Performance at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century” FL06
Institute for the Future, Palo Alto, CA, Director of Games Research and Development

McIvor, Charlotte
“The New Interculturalism: Race, Gender and Immigration in Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland” SP11
National University of Ireland, Galway, Lecturer, Department of English

Nguyen, Khai Thu
“Sensing Vietnam: Melodramas of Nation from Colonialism to Market Reform” SP10
University of California, Berkeley, James R. Gray R&C Lecturer, College of Letters and Science
University of California, Berkeley, UC Extension, Special Assistant to the Dean

Palacios, Joy Crosby
“Preaching for the Eyes: Priests, Actors, and Ceremonial Splendor in Early Modern France” SU12
2014 Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada, Assistant Professor of Literature, Department of French

Prieur, Nina Billone
“In the System: Art, Prison, and the Performance of Social Welfare” FL10
Duke University, Assistant Professor, Theatre Studies
Georgetown University, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Performing Arts

Rafferty, Kelly Ann
“Performing ARTs: Technologies of Participation and Reproduction from Body Art to Bio Art” SP10
Arizona State University, Assistant Professor of Performance Studies
2013: Independent artist, educator, and facilitator in Oakland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles

Ricks, Omar
“On Jubilee: The Performance of Black Leadership in the Afterlife of Slavery” SP14

Scott, Ariel Osterweis
“Body Impossible: Dynamics of Race, Sexuality, and Virtuosity in the Dance of Desmond Richardson” FL11
Wayne State University Michigan, Assistant Professor of Dance
Skidmore College, Dance Department, Visiting Scholar/Artist F14

Seetoo, Chia-Yi
“The Political Kinesthetics of Contemporary Dance: Taiwan in Transnational Perspective” Sp13
Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Shanghai Theatre Academy

Shalson, Lara
“Endurance: Arts, Politics, and Performance” FL08
King’s College London, Lecturer in Theatre and Performance Studies

Sizemore-Barber, April
“Prismatic Performances: Queer South African Identity and the Deconstruction of the Rainbow Nation” FL13
2014 Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Visiting Assistant Professor, Women’s Studies
2015 Postdoctoral Scholar Royal Holloway, University of London

Stufft, Monica
“Chorus Girl Collective: Early 20th Century American Performance Communities and Urban Networking” SP08
University of San Diego, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts

Taylor, Joanne Stoddard
“21st Century Zombies: New Media, Cinema, and Performance” FL11
Berkeley City College, Adjunct Faculty, Humanities
Diablo Valley College, Adjunct Faculty, Humanities
San Francisco State University, Adjunct Professor of Business

Wallin, Scott
“Madness in the Making: Psychosocial Disability and Theater” SP14
UC Berkeley, Lecturer, Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies

Woolf, Brandon
“Paradigmatic Stages: Performing Arts Policy in Post-Wall Berlin” SU14

Yapp, Hentyle
“Minor China: Affect, Performance, & Contemporary China in the Global” SP14
Pomona College, Postdoctoral Appointment