Megan Hoetger

Graduate Student

PhD candidate in the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies with Designated Emphases in Critical Theory and Film. Hoetger’s dissertation, Rude & Playful Shadows: Kurt Kren and the Performances of Cinema, 1964-1989, tracks the development of transnational distribution networks for and communities of underground and experimental time-based art through the Cold War period. Her research has been supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Getty Research Institute, and the Max Kade Foundation. In addition to her scholarship, Hoetger also works regularly as an organizer of time-based art events and has organized several screenings on the UC Berkeley campus, as well as performance events at artist run spaces across the Los Angeles area. She has worked as the graduate student coordinator for the Berkeley Center for New Media’s History and Theory of New Media lecture series (2013-15); and has co-organized working groups in contemporary art (2014-16) and sound studies (2015-16) on the UC Berkeley campus. For the 2017-18 academic year Hoetger will be organizing the UC Berkeley Critical Theory Program’s working group, entitled “Collaboration, Co-operatives, and Coalition-building.” Some of her writings on performance, technology, mediatization, and spectatorship have appeared in journal publications including e-misféricaPerformance Research, and X-TRA: Contemporary Art Quarterly. In fall 2017 her writing will also appear in the D.A.P. book Double Issue, which brings together a collection of writings from/on the performance festival that accompanied the Getty Museum’s landmark 2012 Pacific Standard Time initiative.