Holcombe Waller

Holcombe Waller is a singer-songwriter with three critically acclaimed albums. Based in Portland, Oregon, Waller’s songwriting melds personal introspection with political commentary and allegory, an understated reflection on the American political condition. Holcombe’s recent projects include Mihael Sagalovesky and the Tragic Torments of Patty Heart Townes, a reinterpretation of folk songs of two classic American songwriters into an emotionally affecting folk operetta sung by a down-and-out, drunken, Pierrot-inspired clown, and Into the Dark Unknown: The Hope Chest, a vocal performance in which movement, video, costume, and character invoke Waller’s unique style of multi-media, interdisciplinary story-telling. Most recently, Waller collaborated with Joe Goode Performance Group to create Small Experiments in Song and Dance.