Yvette Nolan

Yvette Nolan

Representative Plays: 

The Unplugging (2015)

Annie Mae’s Movement (2001) 

BLADE (1990) 


Playwright, director, dramaturg, actor, and educator, Yvette Nolan has contributed substantively to the creation and performance of First Nations Theatre in Canada. She was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to an Algonquin mother and an Irish immigrant father in 1961. Raised in Winnipeg, she graduated from the University of Manitoba with a B.A. in 1997. She has worked with Agassiz Theatre, Popular Theatre Alliance of Manitoba, Theatre Projects Manitoba, Manitoba Association of Playwrights, the Manitoba Theatre CentreNakai Theatre in Whitehorse, and the Society of Yukon Artists of Native Ancestry. She has directed plays by Miche Genest, Drew Hayden Taylor, Philip Adams, George Ryga (The Ecstasy of Rita Joe at Western Canada Theatre Company April 2009, in a co-production with the National Arts Centre), and by Marie Clements. She was President of PUC (now Playwrights Guild of Canada) from 1998 to 2001. From 2003 to 2010, she was Managing Artistic Director of Native Earth Performing Arts in Toronto.

Source: Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia 


Creative Isolation: Yvette Nolan still collaborating in isolation