Sample Focus Areas

Most TDPS students develop a focus as they select upper division elective courses. A focus is not required and some students choose to take a wide range of elective courses in order to gain breadth in their experience. The four focus areas below are examples of how to gain depth in one area.

Students may also enrich and augment their knowledge by taking additional elective classes in other theatrical disciplines when they are offered: Choreography, Directing, Playwriting, Scenic Design, Sound Design, or Collaborative Innovation.

For more information, see the guide to Enhancing Your Elective Experience or contact Michael Mansfield, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, at

Mechanics of Love, 2017

Acting Technique/Performance

Sample courses include Voice and Speech, Intermediate Acting: The Power of Language, Scene Study and Style, and Movement for Actors.

Jeremy Brooks in "Spilt Milk" (2018) | Photo by Natalia Perez

Dance Technique/Performance

Sample courses include Modern Dance Technique, Choreography: Compositional Study, Movement Improvisation, and Theatrical Realization of Dance.

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Design & Technical Theater

Sample courses include Stage Management, Scenography, Lighting Design, and Costume Design for Performance.

TDPS Summer Class: Writing About Performance

Performance Studies

Sample courses include Histories of Performance, International Performance and Literature, Performance Theory, and Performance, Television, and Social Media.