Rey Pamatmat

Representative Plays:

House Rules (2016)
Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them (2012)

Virginia Grise

Representative Plays: 

Siempre Norteada: Always Late, Always Lost (2014)

Making Myth (2013)

blu (2010)

rasgos asiaticos (2011)

Tracey Scott Wilson

Representative Plays:

Buzzer (2016)
The Story (2004) 

Timothy DuWhite

Representative Plays:

Neptune (2018)


Timothy DuWhite is a writer, poet, playwright, performance artist, and activist. His work is both brave and exhilarating, and directly addresses difficult and controversial issues such as HIV, state sanctioned violence, racism, and queerness. 

Talvin Wilks

Representative Plays:

Bread of Heaven (1994)
the Boy, Tod (1993)
The Trial of Uncle S&M (1990)

Robert O’Hara

Representative Plays:

Booty Candy (2014)
Brave Blood (2001)
Insurrection: Holding History (1999)

Nissy Aya

Representative Plays:

righteous kill: a requiem (2020) 

Michael R. Jackson

Representative Plays:

A Strange Loop (2019)

Matthew Lopez

Representative Plays:

The Inheritance (2018)
The Legend of Georgia McBride (2017)
The Sentinels (2011)
Somewhere (2011)
The Whipping Man (2009)