TDPS Slack Workspace

What is Slack?

Slack is a collaboration tool which helps people work together seamlessly. The Slack workspace is composed of channels, where a community can communicate easily across multiple topics and conversations.

The TDPS workspace is intended as a place to ask questions, share recommendations and ideas, and get to know other members of the TDPS community. We invite all members of the Department — students, faculty members, lecturers, and staff — to contribute.

Joining & Getting Started

Visit our sign-up page and use your email address to create an account and/or join the workspace. After you join, start by posting in the #introductions channel.

If you're new to Slack, check out this guide to getting started.

Workspace Guidelines

Please be respectful of all members of our Slack workspace by following these guidelines:

  • Your Slack presence is an extension of you — represent yourself well.
  • Be helpful and collaborative. Answer questions or share insights when you are able to do so.
  • Assume best intent. Sometimes tone and context are lost in text.
  • Add content that is valuable and relevant to the channel where you are posting.
  • Keep your posts targeted (presume that individuals won't see your message unless you @ them) and don't notify everyone in the channel with urgency unnecessarily.
  • Re-read your message before you hit send. However, if you need to edit a post or message, that function is available.
  • Consider when another platform, such as email, might be preferable.

Guidelines adapted from Haas Alumni Network

Have Questions?

Contact Ben Dillon
Director of Marketing & Communications