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Artwork by Saira Brown

Pool of Unknown Wonders: Undertow of the Soul

By Philip Kan Gotanda

Directed by Michael Socrates Moran

October 14–17, 2021

Zellerbach Playhouse

"However many begin, that many must arrive."

In an unfamiliar world, six unexpected companions find themselves on a common journey, facing unforeseen tests to achieve an unknown goal.

Inspired by Hermann Hesse's Journey to the East, Philip Kan Gotanda's surreal new drama plumbs the depths of the human quest for meaning in a fresh, urgent parable on wholeness, identity, and belonging.

Professor Philip Kan Gotanda

About the Playwright

Philip Kan Gotanda is the creator of one of the largest canons of Asian American-themed works and has been instrumental in bringing stories of Asians in the United States to mainstream theater. His plays include YohenAfter the WarThe Wash, and I Dream of Chang and Eng, among many others. He is also a respected independent filmmaker, with films including Life Tastes GoodDrinking Tea, and The Kiss, all official entries at the Sundance Film Festival. Gotanda recently wrote the libretto for the opera Both Eyes Open with composer Max Duykers, and he is presently working on music projects with composer Shinji Eshima and multi-instrumentalist David Coulter. He is a professor with the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Content Advisories

Pool of Unknown Wonders contains sensitive content, including strong language, references to traumatic events, and depictions of violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

This production also includes a simulated gunshot sound and other loud noises. It may include simulated fog and brief moments of flashing lights.

Please see below for a list of specific content advisories. If you have any questions about the play's content, please email

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Pool of Unknown Wonders contains the following mature content:

  • Simulated depictions of violence
  • References to:
    • animal abuse
    • death and dying
    • internment camps
    • miscarriage / infant mortality
    • sex
    • sexual abuse of a child
    • suicide
    • violence and war
  • Strong/graphic language, including:
    • a misogynistic slur
    • ethnic slurs
    • vulgarity

Audience Resources

We are equally committed to presenting challenging work and taking care of our audience members. Given the sensitive nature of the content presented in Pool of Unknown Wonders, we will be sharing resources below related to mental health services, trauma informed care, violence prevention, and social justice.

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