The After Party

March 10–13, 2022

Background image: Gold party streamers

Directed by Erika Chong Shuch

Created in Collaboration with the Performers

You’re invited to The After Party—a social event that flirts with performance… or a performance that flirts with a social event? Co-hosted by seven ensemble members, this gathering dances in the space between celebration and grief as we navigate the necessity and impossibility of our togetherness. Guests should be ready to throw their hands up in joy and despair!

The Ensemble

Left to right: Cristina Miller, Kate Hung, Luis Leonora, Lulu Cardoza, Mengyao (Michelle) Zhao, Mirza Haas, Skyler Baysa

The cast of "The After Party"

Erika Chong Shuch

About the Director

Erika Chong Shuch is a performance maker, choreographer and director whose topic-driven ruminations coalesce into imagistic assemblages of music, movement, text, and design. Interested in expanding ideas around how performance is created and shared, Erika’s work has been performed in city halls, theaters, industrial offices spaces, diners, parking lots and food courts. Moving between theater, experimental performance and social practice, Erika’s projects bring together interdisciplinary communities in the spirit of creative research.