Philip Kan Gotanda

Professor Philip Kan Gotanda

Representative Plays: 

Under the Rainbow: Natalie Wood is Dead, White Manifesto or Got Rice? (2005)
Yankee Dawg You Die (1988)


Philip Kan Gotanda is the author of one of the largest canon of Asian-American-themed-work. Based in San Francisco, CA, Gotanda is not only a playwright but a director, musician, composer, filmmaker, actor, teacher, and author as well. While he tends to focus on the Asian American experience, Gotanda aims to share stories of all people and experiences. Especially stories where the boundaries of identity are blurred.

Source: NYU Contemporary Playwrights of Color Page 


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Ballad of Yachiyo (Audio) 

Ballad of Yachiyo (Full Text) 

The Wind Cries Mary (Full Text) 

Day Standing on its Head (Full Text) 

The Wash (Full Text) 

A Song for a Nisei Fisherman (Full Text) 

Fish Head Soup (Full Text) 

Yankee Dawg you Die (Full Text)