Jennifer Tamayo

Graduate Student

B.A. in Human Development and Fundamentals: Issues & Texts, University of Chicago; M.F.A. in Creative Writing-Poetry, Louisiana State University

Born in Bogotá, Jennif(f)er is Nancy’s daughter. She is a queer, latinx writer and performer whose research attends to (the performativity of) contemporary poetry readings, asking the questions: what knowledges does the voice hold that are distinct from language; if a body is a site of ancestral knowledges, how do the violent legacies of slavery and settler colonialism haunt contemporary poetry readings? A former CantoMundo Fellow and Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics Emerge Fellow, Jenni(f)fer’s books include [Red Missed Aches] (Switchback, 2011), Poems are the Only Real Bodies (Bloof Books 2013) and YOU DA ONE (2014/15 reprint Noemi Books & Letras Latinas) and her writing has been published in Poetry magazine, Best American Experimental PoetryMandorla: Writing from the Americas, and Angels of the Americlypse; An Anthology of New Latin@ Writing.