Erika Chong Shuch

Job title: 
Lecturer: Performance Workshop

Erika Chong Shuch is a performance maker, choreographer and director whose topic-driven ruminations coalesce into imagistic assemblages of music, movement, text, and design. Interested in expanding ideas around how performance is created and shared, Erika’s work has been performed in city halls, theaters, industrial offices spaces, diners, parking lots and food courts. Moving between theater, experimental performance and social practice, Erika’s projects bring together interdisciplinary communities in the spirit of creative research. Erika’s most recent body of work is presented through For You, a performance making collective that Erika founded in 2016 which brings strangers together for intimate encounters and considers performance making as gift giving. As a response to worldwide shelter-in-place ordinances due to COVID-19, and with awareness that many elders are at risk in terms of infection and the compounding hardships of isolation, For You launched Artists & Elders, a project that brings artists and elders together for shared creative exchange. Artists & Elders is being supported in part by commissions from Court Theatre and Experimental Performance Initiative (University of Chicago) and Oregon Shakespeare Festival. As a choreographer and director for theater, Erika is a full member of the Choreographer and Stage Directors Union and  has worked for theaters across the country.