Cristina (CC) Miller


Majors: Theater, Dance & Performance Studies / Creative Writing 
Prounouns: She/Her 

I found my passion for theater at Los Angeles Valley College while working full-time and contemplating finishing my degree after taking a break from school. I then realized I wanted to transfer and applied to Berkeley after the pandemic on a whim! At TDPS I’ve found a supportive, inclusive community of students, mentors, faculty, and staff who have helped me grow as a performance scholar, actor, dancer, director, writer, and human. I know how overwhelming choosing the right program can be, as well as making the most of your time (doing what you love) here. The most fulfilling experience for me is having the opportunity to study and work on productions alongside passionate people. I love nature, adventure, books, films, and dogs! I’m a believer in tuning into our creative spirit, allowing our minds and bodies to connect and communicate energetically, and that performing is an act of exploration to bring collective awareness. I’m happy to help with any curiosities you may have about the major, transferring/extending, studying abroad, creative opportunities, art, etc. TDPS offers room for students to evolve and explore beyond their interests, by creating a world of artistic possibilities through performance.

“Don’t forget to vote, do your taxes, and read TDPS emails!” — Abhi Muhar, Former Peer Advisor