Cati Kalinoski

Graduate Student

B.F.A. in Drama, M.A. in Performance Studies, New York University

Cati Kalinoski is an academic and theater maker whose work examines the ways in which we theatricalize nature, particularly plants and extinction, and how we co-navigate survival, existence, and presence. With particular attention to museum exhibitions of plants and wildlife displays, she utilizes theories of futurity and blends her view alongside her interdisciplinary history in theater and the arts world. Cati has received her BFA cum laude in Drama and her MA in Performance Studies at NYU, and was the recipient of the 2020 Emerging Scholar Award in Performance Studies and the 2019 Artist and Scholar Award. She also recently took part in the Mellon-funded Dumbarton Oaks Program for Plant Humanities, where she collaborated across disciplines and in collaboration with JSTOR Labs to produce digital humanities work on a new online platform. Cati has also continued as a theater practitioner where she works as a designer, director, and technician at venues and on different platforms across the country.