Bailey Garon


Major: Theater & Performance Studies

My interest in theater didn’t take root until my freshman year of high school. I was able to work in the scene shop, in the booth, and backstage in a multitude of roles. After I graduated from high school I thought I would take community college to explore other subjects and possibilities for my career path but realized I wanted to return back to theater and performance work. Since schools went online I took a year off and was able to work as a Production Assistant on multiple TV sets and quickly realized I preferred theater work over TV shoots. I figured a good way to get back into the swing of theater after being absent for so long was to go to school for it. I was nervous at first about transferring into Berkeley and worried I wouldn’t get along with folks or that everyone was already in their friend groups. However, the department is very welcoming and the sense of community that theater brings is present here at Berkeley. Everyone is also always friendly and happy to impart their knowledge onto others and I have learned a great deal from everyone. If you have any questions about the department, mainly with the technical sides, transferring, or just Berkeley as a whole please reach out! I would be more than happy to help answer any questions I can!