Joe Goode receives faculty award from College of Letters & Science

Professor Joe Goode
May 8, 2024

Professor Joe Goode is the recipient of the 2024 Jessica Blanche Peixotto Award, one of five L&S Faculty Awards conferred each year by the College of Letters & Science Advisory Board. The awards recognize faculty for exceptional scholarship, service to the College and community, and transformational teaching. Awardees will be honored at a private ceremony on Wednesday, May 15.

Goode is a nationally and internationally renowned choreographer, writer, and director whose record of creative achievements consists of over 50 completed and performed choreographies. His stature in the field is evidenced not only by these performances and by receiving a roster of major prizes and awards including a Guggenheim and a United States Artists Award, but also by his presentations and teaching residencies at over 60 universities and performance venues throughout the United States. In his nomination letter, one reviewer noted, "he is one of the rarest and most remarkable assets in the realm of contemporary performance in the country.”

Goode’s record of teaching is outstanding, as evidenced by his national recognition. He is an effective teacher that has built a strong mentoring record. Evaluations note that Goode provides space for students to discover and find their own creative path. One student commented, “Joe is clearly committed to all his students and wants them to grow and succeed throughout the course. Through learning about choreography with him, my process has changed considerably, and I am more excited now to continue choreographing in my future.”

Sara Guyer, Dean of the Division of Arts & Humanities, shared, “When Berkeley students take a class with Joe Goode, they become members of a dance community to which many professional dancers spend a career aspiring to join. Joe’s extraordinary humanity, his ground- (and ceiling)-breaking contributions to the arts, and his commitment to our students represent the very best of the arts at Berkeley.”