Jalisa Leelee Jackson

Representative Plays:

Comb Your Hair (Or You'll Look Like a Slave) (2017) 

About the Playwright: 

Jalisa "Leelee" Jackson’s ​ work aligns itself with the lives of Black womxn postmodernity and sets out to both challenge and entertain theatre goers to better understand micro and macro aggression towards and within marginalized people groups of the African diaspora. In 2017, her play ​Comb Your Hair (Or You'll Look Like a Slave)​ was honoured and performed at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival national competition. Jalisa “Leelee” Jackson writes through an Afro-Pessimistic lens while also contextualizing a narrative for Black life and Black death.

Source: New Play Exchange


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Jalisa "Leelee" Jackson, Playwright

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