France-Luce Benson

France-Luce Benson, Playwright


Representative Plays:

Deux Femmes on the Edge de la Revolution (2017) 
The Devil's Salt (2016) 
Boat People (2015)


France-Luce Benson is a Haitian-American playwright and actress. After graduating with her BA in Acting from Florida International University, France-Luce moved to New York to pursue her career as an actress. However, when she moved to New York she found there were far less parts for her than she had anticipated, and unnerved by the lack of representation, began her transition into her writing career. France-Luce dedicated herself to honing her playwriting craft and graduated with her MFA in playwriting from Carnegie Mellon University. She then hit the ground running creating new work such as Boat People, The Devil's Salt and Deux Femmes on the Edge de la Revolution. France-Luce has received many honors for her work, including being the Camargo Foundation Playwright in Residence, Recipient of Djerassi Resident Artist Fellowship, May 2017, Kilroys List Honorable Mention 2017, Miranda Foundation Grant Recipient 2017 and many more. Her work continues to give a voice to the voiceless and help share the stories and traditions of her Haitian culture, being featured prominently in a lot of her work.

Source: NYU Contemporary Playwrights of Color


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Fati's Last Dance (Monologue) 

The Devil's Salt (Full Text) 


Haitian, American

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