Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan, Playwright

Representative Plays:

A Piece of Moon (1981)

About the Playwright:

Linda Hogan was born in 1947, in Denver, Colorado and grew up in Oklahoma. She obtained a M.A. degree from University of Colorado at Boulder in 1978. Hogan is a passionate educator and speaker who has taught at the Indigenous Education Institute and at the University of Colorado. She has spoken at the United Nations Forum and a plenary speaker at the Environmental Literature Conference in Turkey in 2009. Hogan has played a prominent role in the development of contemporary Native American poetry, particularly in its relationship to environmental and anti-nuclear issues. She often incorporates a feminist perspective in her verse through description of women's lives and feelings. She is a poet, short story writer, novelist, playwright, and essayist. She taught at the University of Minnesota, and she was a full professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She is the Chickasaw Nation Writer-In-Residence.



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