UC Berkeley Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies Installs State-of-the-Art Meyer Sound System

The UC Berkeley Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies (TDPS) has partnered with Berkeley-based Meyer Sound to install a state-of-the-art audio system in the 550-seat Zellerbach Playhouse. Used by both TDPS and Cal Performances, the newly-installed Meyer Sound System will provide optimal acoustics for a broad range of events, including theatrical performance, dance concerts, lectures, workshops, classes and special events.

Generously underwritten by Bay Area sound innovators Meyer Sound, the audio solution includes UPJunior-XP VariO loudspeakers, UP-4XP loudspeakers, UMS-1P and 500-HP subwoofers, and a Galileo loudspeaker management system for system drive and alignment. Meyer Sound equipment has also been installed in TDPS’s other performance and studio spaces, including the 140-seat Durham Studio Theater and the Zellerbach Room 7 blackbox.

“The old audio system in The Playhouse had been in operation for more than 30 years and was still functional, but did not offer an optimal sound experience,” says Wil Leggett, TDPS’s Production Manager. “Sound is an essential component of any theatrical experience. We want to offer the best experience possible to our students and our audiences, so when we had the opportunity to upgrade our system we went to Meyer Sound, a company that is the gold standard in professional audio equipment and also happens to be local.”

With the installation of Meyer Sound equipment, TDPS students have enhanced opportunities for hands-on work with precise professional audio, allowing for invaluable professional training and artistic growth. Chair of TDPS Catherine Cole says, “Meyer Sound equipment is renowned for accuracy and precision, and this new system will be an incredible asset to the student performers and designers that create in our spaces, the professional designers we hire, and the audiences that come through our doors—both now and for years to come.”

Based in Berkeley, Meyer Sound is a valued and generous community partner to UC Berkeley. In addition to the custom-designed TDPS system, Meyer Sound equipment provides memorable experiences at Zellerbach Hall, Memorial Stadium, Haas Pavilion and the new UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive building. “With this state-of-the-art audio system from Meyer Sound, TDPS now has equipment on par with some of the best cultural institutions in the region and around the world,” says Cole.


Meyer Sound is a leader in the world of sound, continually seeking to elevate the overall dialogue about sound and bring greater awareness to the importance of how we hear and how we listen. Founded in 1979 by John and Helen Meyer, Meyer Sound has continually explored the everyday impact of sound—applying the highest level of scientific and acoustical principles to achieve extraordinary results in places ranging from restaurants to cruise ships to office space and concert halls and cathedrals. Outstanding design, manufacturing, service and support are the result of a company philosophy where creative thinking, old-fashioned craftsmanship and forward thinking technology are strongly intertwined.


Currently celebrating its 75th Anniversary, the UC Berkeley Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies teaches performance as a mode of critical inquiry, creative expression and public engagement. Through performance training and research, we create liberal arts graduates with expanded analytical, technical and imaginative capacities. As a public institution, we make diversity and inclusion a key part of our teaching, art making and public programming.


Spring 2016.